Heat Is Clinically Proven to Relieve Pain

Learn how heat can help relieve pain associated with muscle tension and stress, and accelerate tissue healing.

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*compared to Sunbeam Standard-Size Heating Pads

 **For optimal heat performance, use a 2A power source

Welcome to Sunbeam®. For over 100 years, we’ve provided convenient solutions to make your every day better. Experiencing muscle pain or joint pain? Try heat treatment with a Sunbeam heating pad. Or try a heated joint wrap that also features a built-in ice pack. Need pain relief on the go? We offer cordless heating pads, rechargeable heating pads, and other portable pain relief solutions. Or maybe you’d like to cozy up with a heated blanket or other bedding—you’re sure to find warm comfort with a Sunbeam electric blanket, heated throw, or heated mattress pad. Other Sunbeam products include our legendary stand mixer, the Sunbeam Mixmaster, as well as convenient garment care products like fabric steamers and irons. Look around Sunbeam.com and let us help improve your every day.