Product FAQs

Sunbeam® Touch Up and Go™

When should I clean the soleplate?

Clean the soleplate if starch or other residue accumulate. To clean the soleplate, turn the unit off and allow the iron to cool and then wipe it with a soft, damp cloth.
DO NOT use abrasive cleansers, scouring pads or vinegar to clean the soleplate. This will damage the finish.

Do I need to use an ironing board with Sunbeam® Touch Up and Go™?

No ironing board is needed. Unlike traditional irons, you have the freedom to simply iron your garments without using your ironing board. It easily slides across fabrics and is great for quick touch ups and travel.

Does Sunbeam® Touch Up and Go™ have an Auto-Off Feature?

Yes, after 20 minutes of non-movement, Auto-Off will activate and the Power/Ready light will blink.

Can I use Sunbeam® Touch Up and Go™ while wearing my garments?

We recommend never ironing your clothes while you or someone else is wearing them.

Can I use Sunbeam® Touch Up and Go™ as a hair straightener?

Although Sunbeam® Touch Up and Go™ has a similar appearance to a hair straighter, we recommend only using it on garments.

Can water or starch be sprayed on my clothing before using Sunbeam® Touch Up and Go™?

Yes, a water bottle is even included with your Sunbeam® Touch Up and Go™.

How long before the Sunbeam® Touch Up and Go™ is hot enough to use on my clothing?

This iron quickly heats up in about 1 minute.

What fabric settings does Sunbeam® Touch Up and Go™ have?

• Low - Synthetic/Silk
•• Medium - Wool/Rayon
••• High - Cotton/Linen
We recommend always starting with a lower setting if unsure of the fabric type.

What garments can I use Sunbeam® Touch Up and Go™ on?

This iron is great for creating creases, getting into tight pockets, working around collars, and other areas that are hard to reach with traditional irons. Iron pocket flaps, shirt plackets, or spots missed by your dry cleaner.

Can I just use a hair straightener instead of Sunbeam® Touch Up and Go™?

Sunbeam Touch Up and Go™ was designed especially for garments to provide ultimate ironing results. Hair straighteners were not designed to achieve the same results.