Product FAQs

General Information

How do I iron garments requiring lower temperature settings?

Always begin ironing on the lowest possible setting. Set the temperature dial to the correct fabric setting and if steam is necessary, set the Steam Lever between On/Off and Silk.

Why isn't my iron heating up?

Ensure that the unit is tightly plugged into a working outlet. Some units are equipped with our patented Motion Smart Auto Off technology. Moving the iron will cause it to begin to reheat.

Should I empty the water from my iron after every use?

It is not necessary to empty the water from the iron after every use. Tap water can be used, unless the water in the area is very hard, which will reduce the performance of the iron. In this situation, it is best to use demineralized or distilled water. If you do not use your iron frequently, we recommend emptying the water reservoir, turning the Fabric Select Dial and Steam Lever to O/Off and allowing the iron to cool before putting it away.

What if my iron does not steam?

Allow the iron to reach operating temperature (about 2 minutes) before turning the steam dial to the desired setting. The steam valve may be set on "dry" or the steam valve may be clogged. Move the steam dial back and forth a couple of times to clean the valve and make sure it is on a "steam" setting.

What if my iron leaks water?

If not in use, be sure that the Fabric Select Dial and Steam Lever are both set to O/Off. Otherwise, the steam valve will remain open, allowing water to enter the steam chamber. The water will not be turned into steam without the iron being turned on, and the soleplate will flood, causing leakage. If the temperature setting is set for a low temperature, such as Synthetic, and the Steam Lever is set for high steam, the iron may leak due to the temperature not being high enough to generate steam for the selected steam setting.

What if my new iron has a slight odor?

When turned on for the first time, your new iron may give off a slight odor for up to ten minutes. This is due to the initial heating of the materials used. It is safe, and will not affect the performance of the unit.

What is the Self-Cleaning Feature?

This procedure cleanses the iron's steam vents and steam chamber of many minerals that can clog your iron, reducing its steaming and heating capabilities.

Where can I order parts?

Where can I purchase a Sunbeam® Iron?

You can purchase a Sunbeam® iron here on our website or at any participating retail outlet. They are widely distributed through mass merchants and department stores.

Why does the light blink on my Iron?

The light will begin to blink when the Motion Smart Auto Off system activates. If the unit is moved while the light is still blinking, it will stop blinking and resume normal function.