Coffee Makers

Pour 4 cups of undiluted white household vinegar into the water reservoir. Place a paper filter into the filter basket and close. Place empty decanter on the warming plate. Turn the unit on and brew through only 3 cups of the vinegar and stop the unit by unplugging it or turning it off. Let the remaining vinegar stand for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, pour the vinegar from the decanter back into the coffee maker reservoir and place the empty decanter back on the warming plate. Turn the coffee maker back on to let all the vinegar flow through. When all the vinegar has flowed through, remove the paper filter and brew plain water until the vinegar smell is gone.
You can purchase a coffee maker at any participating retail outlet or from our website. They are widely distributed through mass merchants and department stores.
Most Sunbeam® coffeemakers use a 4.2 oz. per serving measurement for a 12 cup coffee maker. Some models may feature a 5 oz. cup.
May be caused by lime buildup. The unit needs to be cleaned. Make sure auto-off is not activated.
Check the Pause N' Serve mechanism under the basket and the trip arm.
The unit needs to be returned. Find your local service center using the Service Center Locator. When returning a product, remember to include a letter with your name and address explaining your issue.
New units need to be cleaned to ensure that there is no plastic taste. The water or type of water being used may affect the taste of the coffee. Old or stale coffee will affect the taste of the coffee.
Caused when the lid is not on correctly or if the lid is damaged. If you have a thermal decanter, make sure the ARROW "Brew/Pour" is pointing toward the spout when brewing.
Check to see if hose in reservoir is disconnected, if so reconnect. Reservoir may be damaged.