Reduce Muscle Cramps with Heat Therapy

Though cramps and muscle aches may be quite common, they are never fun to deal with. However, there is a way to find quick and soothing relief right at home, no matter what kind of cramping you're experiencing. With heat therapy, you can deliver powerful and therapeutic warmth directly to the area that needs it. Not only is it an easy and effective method, it's also one of the best ways to get natural relief.

Muscle Cramps
Muscle cramps come on suddenly and often without any warning at all. These involuntary contractions can happen in your arms, legs, calf, feet or abdominal area and you will likely feel a quick spasm or tightening in the area. Most often, these cramps are brought on by overworking your body while exercising, especially in the heat. They can also be brought on when you don't drink enough water, fail to properly stretch your muscles before a workout or lack good circulation.

Treating muscle cramping can often be done on your own. Start by massaging the area where the muscle is seized up as well as stretching, if it is not too painful. Warming the area with a heating pad can also result in soothing relief as the heat can help to restore the flow of blood. If you're looking for immediate heat therapy, the Sunbeam® King Size XpressHeat™ Heating Pad is just what you need.

Ready in less than 30 seconds, you can feel the power of heat almost instantly start to relax your muscles, ease the tension and promote the flow of blood and nutrients once again. Designed with more coverage and a soft flexibility, this heating pad can be used almost anywhere you feel cramping. With comprehensive digital features, you'll know exactly when this heating pad is ready to work its magic!

Abdominal Cramping
Abdominal cramps can also be reduced with heat therapy. Described as pain or cramping that occurs in the lower abdomen, it can be quite a nuisance whether it's a dull ache or a stronger pain. For soothing comfort, consider heat therapy from the Sunbeam® Heavy Heat Pad. The shape and design of this heating pad was intended to delivery therapeutic heat to reduce the discomfort of cramping and tension. Its long shape and the weighted beads ensure that this heating pad stays seamlessly in place over your abdomen while gently applying pressure. Its versatility allows you to find the setting that feels best for you. Choose from warm, low, medium and high heat settings as well as a moist or dry option.

Don't let your cramping get in the way of your lifestyle! Instead, take advantage of the soothing heat benefits that this heating pad provides so that you can be back on your feet in no time.

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