How Do Heated Blankets Work?

Plug it in, change the settings and surround yourself in the warm embrace of your favorite heated blanket - using your new bedding is simple, but have you ever wondered how it works?

The process differs based on the type of blanket you've purchased and the kind of technology found within, but the basics of how your blanket works are pretty consistent no matter which one you've acquired.

All Over Warmth
Heated blankets are powered by an electric current that passes through the material. Sunbeam Heated Bedding have smart technology that adapts according to both external room conditions and internal body temperature. You can use you controller to select specific settings that will provide consistent warmth during a set period of time, but if temperatures change, the warming product can sense and adapt based on the new conditions.

This intuitive heating is made possible through the use of ThermoFine® technology, from which all Sunbeam Heated Bedding are made. The technology ensures consistent and thorough heating by sensing shifts in temperature. Since the technology provides the most accurate heating possible, it's also helpful when it comes to saving on your energy and electricity bills.

Combing Through the Controls
Depending on the type of blanket you have, the controls will differ. Certain heated blankets feature dual controls that allow two people to sleep with different settings under the same blanket, while others have just one control that allow you to preheat or adjust your blanket. All controls have an auto shutoff feature, which ensures the blanket turns off after a certain number of hours.

Additionally, many blankets come with various heat settings, some featuring between 10 and 20 different temperatures. Blankets that feature ThermoFine® technology are not limited to just one heat setting - it will automatically adjust over time.

Your heated blanket controller allows you to adjust settings for optimal warmth.

The Benefits of Your Blanket
Beyond consistent warmth and automatic settings, your heated blanket has a variety of other features that make it special. All Sunbeam Heated Bedding are machine-washable and dryer-safe. Additionally, blankets come in a variety of materials that further contribute to your overall level of warmth, including velvet plush, fleece, RoyalMink and LoftTec.

Be sure to review these tips for caring for your heated blanket, which can extend the life of your new product.

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