FlexTemp™ Gives Priscila Hot (and Cold!) Relief from Knee Pain

Priscila uses the Sunbeam® FlexTemp™ Hot + Cold Joint Wrap for her knee pain.

Who: Priscila 
Where: Las Vegas, Nevada 

Triathlete, health coach, model, and mom Priscila experiences occasional knee pain, especially if she’s training for a race, running uphill, or hiking long distances. When that happens, she curls up with her Sunbeam® FlexTemp™ Hot + Cold Joint Wrap, so she can have her choice of pain relief options. She’ll use the ice pack after a demanding physical activity to ease inflammation. Or, if her achy muscles need soothing, she’ll use the heat option.

Of course, cuddling family pup Tico also helps!

“I approach health in a holistic way,” Priscila says. “Having balance in different areas of life such as physical exercise, career, relationships, finances, and others is the key to a healthy and happy life.”