Tips for Fast Relief From Tension and Stress

Pain associated with muscle cramps, tension and stress is quite common among American adults, both young and old. While tension and stress can be caused by a number of different reasons, there are a few tips for fast relief.

Soothe Tension with Heat Therapy
Nature's original pain reliever, heat therapy, is a great alternative to other recovery practices. It's cost-effective, simple to use and provides relief quickly. From soaking in hot baths to using heating pads, there are a number of options for soothing your discomfort. Providing penetrating relief to affected areas, heat helps to stimulate the afflicted muscle and surrounding tissue to speed along the recovery process. In addition, it helps to relax muscle spasms and provide warm, healing comfort.

When you're looking for a trusted, reliable brand for heat therapy, look no further than Sunbeam®. Sunbeam® Heating Pads are versatile and effective, with designs in various shapes and sizes, to target specific areas of the body.

Practice Relaxation Techniques
Tension and strain, even in the arms, neck and shoulders, can be brought on be internal stress and anxiety. If your mind is feeling overwhelmed and pushed to the edge, your body will often take the brunt of it and you'll end up feeling tight, tense and stiff. Sitting at a desk all day working on a deadline can cause tension in your shoulders, while getting worked up over personal matters may cause you to feel stress in your lower back.

A good practice when you begin to feel stressed out is to slow down and practice relaxation techniques. For some, this may simply be stopping to sit down and take deep breathes every so often. Doing so can help clear your mind and bring you back to the present. Other methods of relaxation may include meditation, yoga or even dancing.

Soothe tension and stress with this unique therapeutic heating pad.

Use a Therapeutic Heating Pad
A great way to help relieve your tension and stress is to take advantage of the comforting and soothing heat from a therapeutic heating pad. The new Sunbeam® Select-A-Cycle Therapeutic Heating Pad offers four unique uses in one versatile pad. Choose from setting options of rapid, interval, wave or steady heat, each of which help to alleviate muscle tension and induce relaxation. You can also personalize the intensity of the heat based on your customized needs and choose from three different steady heat cycles: low, medium or high.

• Rapid: For this swift and instantaneous heat therapy setting, you can enjoy five minutes of high heat, followed by eight minutes of medium heat, on repeat for two hours.
• Interval: If you're looking for a higher intensity of heat for a longer period of time, this setting provides 20 minutes of high heat, followed by seven minutes of low heat on repeat for two hours.
• Wave: To enjoy the opposite of the interval setting, choose wave. It provides eight minutes of high heat, followed by 20 minutes of low heat, on repeat for two hours.
• Steady heat: If you're looking for traditional heating pad comfort, choose the steady heat setting with options for low, medium or high heat intensity.

Pain Relief