Heated Mattress Pad vs. Heated Blanket

When the colder months start to come around, having a heated blanket or mattress pad becomes a necessity. These bedding options are ideal for winding down after a long chilly day, as they provide maximum warmth on those days when the temperatures are as low as your desire to get out of bed.

But which is better?

Heated mattress pads and heated blankets offer several similar benefits, but there are notable differences between the two. Next time you're out shopping for one of these snuggly wraps, be sure to examine the differences before you buy.

Mattress Pads for Static Warmth
Those looking for a more stable heating option that can last through the winter should consider a heated mattress pad, as these can be placed on top of the bed and covered with fitted sheets. Unlike heated blankets, mattress pads remain in one place at all times, providing consistent warmth that radiates from underneath the body throughout the night.

According to The Electric Blanket Institute, heated mattress pads may also provide therapeutic relief for those living with certain health conditions, such as arthritis or chronic back pain. Heated blankets can provide similar results, but mattress pads may be a better choice for those looking for consistent heat that will not shift during the night.

The source also noted that heated mattress pads are better suited for couples or those sharing a bed, as this option can keep both parties evenly warm during the night.

Heated Blankets for Those on the Go
If you're searching for a mobile option that can be placed over your covers, used while watching TV on the couch or draped around your shoulders at a fall bonfire, a heated blanket is the way to go. These throws provide similar warmth and comfort, but can be easily moved from place to place.

The Huffington Post reported that heated blankets are ideal for cutting energy costs during the winter, as they can keep you warm in all places throughout your home - not just your bedroom. They can also provide uniform heat, but it's important to remember that the blanket has to be spread out, not bunched, to have this effect.

Unlike mattress pads, heated blankets come in a wide variety of textures - including plush, mink and fleece - further adding to the comfort provided. While most mattress pads are already plush, they are generally made from the same material, whereas blankets can be chosen based on their softness or plushness.

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