15 Minutes of Continuous Steam


Heated Wide Wrinkle Remover Bar


Wide Steam Exit



Ready <45 Seconds



Generously-sized water tank provides enough steam to continuously freshen garment after garment. Designed to press out tough wrinkles and dry cloth fibers to prevent re-wrinkling. Penetrates steam into more fabric area for faster results. Heats up and is ready-to use in less than 45 seconds.

Steam Trigger With


Wait and Ready Lights



Stable Compact Design



Sanitize & Refresh


Slide switch for trigger steam or lock position for
constant steam.
Let you know when it's 
ready to use.
Stands up on any counter and makes it easy to store. Freshen up fabrics and remove odor to help save on dry cleaning. Use around the home to steam drapery, upholstery and bedding to kill dust mites and bedbugs.