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Targeted Heat Therapy Gives Skier/Trainer Leah a Lift

Who: Leah
Where: Park City, Utah
Instagram: @leeeeeyuh

Her story: Hitting the slopes can take a toll on the body, and so can working in fitness, and doing your own workouts, too! Personal trainer and former professional skier Leah has a busy schedule, so to melt away any muscle pain and soreness she accumulates throughout the day, Leah uses GoHeat portable patches. Since these comfortable patches have a clip-on battery pack, she can get soothing pain relief from heat whether she's at home, at work, or working out.


Leah uses GoHeat portable patches for pain relief while working out.

Her background: At Park City's Kilos Fitness, Leah provides training in fitness, health, diet, and nutrition, with the goal of making programs enjoyable and relatable to every single client. Her background in fitness is extensive, and she holds a Master's Degree in Public Health Administration. Leah gets clients to their goal, with an easy-going approach that makes it fun.

Quote: "There may be a sore muscle or two along the way, but we believe getting fit should be enjoyed, not dreaded."