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5 Tips For Shaving Time from Your Morning Routine

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For some people, starting the day means leaving enough time to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee while pouring over the paper or watching the morning news. For others, getting ready in the morning is a chaotic rush against the clock. Or perhaps still, some are in the middle: Not exactly rushing out the door in the morning but still struggling to find time for breakfast or to iron that blouse. With a few easy tips however, shedding time from your morning routine can be accomplished.

If you want to give yourself a few more minutes for getting dressed or enjoying your coffee in the morning, consider these helpful hints:

1. Start Slow
If you've wanting to gain more time in the mornings but haven't been able to adjust to that early alarm clock time, step back and take it slow. Instead of jumping from a 7​ a.m. wakeup time to a 6:15​ a.m. wakeup time, consider getting there in five-minute increments. For a few days in a row, set your alarm clock just five minutes earlier than you normally would. The time difference won't seem quite as early as the bigger increment would, which gives your body time to adjust to the new time.

After a few days, set your alarm 10 minutes early, then 20 minutes earlier and so on, until you've reached your desired wake​-up time. Before long, your alarm clock ringing at that earlier hour won't seem so bad at all!

Your morning coffee routine doesn't need to be elaborate - make it quick and easy!Your morning coffee routine doesn't need to be elaborate - make it quick and easy!

2. Prep Ahead
You may have heard it many times, but taking a few extra minutes the night before to prepare your lunch for the office, lay out your outfit or organize your bag can save you a lot of precious time the next day. If you're someone who likes to plan even further ahead, meal-prepping on a Sunday afternoon is the way to go. By dedicating a small chunk of time to making bagged or boxed lunches for the week on a Sunday, you'll save yourself lots of time during the week.

Prepping ahead can also mean checking the weather the night before, making a to-do list of morning duties or obligations and even setting your coffee pot to brew at the time you'll wake up.

3. Power Steam
When you walk out the door each morning to conquer the day, you want to look your best. Looking fresh, pressed and presentable translates to feeling great. But looking your best and making sure your clothes are pressed and ready to go each morning doesn't have to require too much extra work. While you may not always have time to set up an ironing board and lay out each item of clothing you're going to wear, you can still have dry-cleaned-looking clothes each day with the Sunbeam® Power Steam Fabric Handheld Steamer!

Providing a convenient way to quickly steam and freshen your garments while on the hanger, the Sunbeam® Power Steam Fabric Handheld Steamer is ready to go in less than 45 seconds! This means that even if you're on your way out the door and notice a wrinkle in your shirt, you can quickly press that right out with the handheld steamer for professional-looking results. With a wide steam exit and a wide wrinkle remover bar that's heated, the steam deeply penetrates fabrics for winkle-free results each time. This innovative tool even helps to prevent re-wrinkling. Providing you with effective, fast results, this handheld steamer is just what you need to shed time off your morning routine.

Easily steam and press your garments as well as other household fabrics!Easily steam and press your garments as well as other household fabrics!

4. Accessorize
Today the market is filled with gadgets, tools, products and accessories that can help you to speed up your morning routine. Don't have time to wash your hair? Use dry shampoo. Rushing to finish your coffee in time? Use a to-go mug. Worried about wasting time pulling out the ironing board and waiting for the iron to heat up? Use your Sunbeam® Hand Held Steamer and the Sunbeam® Hand Held Steamer Press Pad.

Designed to be a quick-set-up press pad, this accessory serves as a vertical board so that you can leave your clothes right on the hanger while getting out even the toughest wrinkles - saving you many of those precious minutes in the morning. Other helpful accessories that could help you get ready faster in the morning include the Sunbeam® Hand Held Steamer Lint & Diffuser Brush and the Sunbeam® Hand Held Steamer Creaser.

5. Switch Things Up
If you're still having trouble shedding time off your morning routine, try switching things up. If your morning run or yoga class is causing you to be late time and time again, consider moving your workouts to the evening. If can't get out the door in time with breakfast, consider packing it to go or stopping someplace on your way out. With a few simple changes, you should be able to get those extra morning minutes back.