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Back-to-School Essentials: The Handheld Steamer

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The back-to-school rush can be exciting and exhilarating. New classes, old friends and exciting activities and events keep everyone on their toes. Even for those who aren't starting a new semester or a new job, that familiar feel of September - the sound of school buses and the end of summer - is enough to get anyone excited. Whether you're going about your normal day-to-day or you're trying to start off on the right foot, there is one essential that will help make getting ready easier and more convenient than ever before.

The Sunbeam® Handheld Steamer
Make your back-to-school mornings seamless and stress-free with a fresh look each and every day of the week thanks to the Sunbeam® Power Steam Fabric Handheld Steamer. Offering a more convenient way to freshen up your wardrobe, this handheld steamer eliminates traditional ironing to go from wrinkled to ready in under a minute. Heating up in just 45 seconds, this handheld steamer provides the ultimate time-saving results.

To shave minutes off your morning routine, simply hang garments, wait about 45 seconds for the ready light to go on and steam away! With the trigger in lock position, you'll get 15 minutes of continuous steam so that you can press garment after garment with ease. The wide steam exit covers larger areas so you'll be completely wrinkle-free to walk out the door looking fresh, pressed and feeling your best. As the steam reaches a temperature high enough to not just sanitize clothing, but to deodorize it as well, you can save on dry cleaning too.

The handheld steamer is also beneficial for quick touch-ups, which makes it easier to run home and iron out that wrinkle before an important dinner or event if need be. Versatile, effective and reliable, the handheld steamer delivers great results to make your life easier.

Additional Back-to-School Essentials
Once you've taken advantage of theSunbeam® Power Steam Handheld Steamer, there are several ways that you can enhance its performance even more.

  • Lint & Diffuser Brush: There's another way to enhance your morning routine when it comes to looking fresh, pressed and ready for that big meeting. The Sunbeam® Hand Held Steamer Lint & Diffuser Brush helps to remove dust, pet hair and lint from your clothing. And thanks to its cushion, the steam is diffused for smooth steaming on all of your light and delicate fabrics.
  • Press Pad: When you're really looking to cut down on the time it takes you to get ready early in the morning, consider the Sunbeam® Hand Held Steamer Press Pad. Designed to serve as a vertical ironing board, it enables you to steam, smooth and press your clothes without even taking them off of the hanger. This quick to set up press pad allows you to remove each wrinkle in less time than ever before.
  • Creaser: A creaser attachment like the Sunbeam® Hand Held Steamer Creaser is the best way to quickly add and sharpen creases.
  • Fiber Brush: Effective on thick and heavy fabrics to enable better steam penetration, the Sunbeam® Hand Held Steamer Fiber Brush is the perfect accessory for winter wardrobes.