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The Best Gifts for Your Pet

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Your household pet may just be the greatest example of unconditional love there is. It doesn't have to be a special holiday or birthday to celebrate your favorite furry friend. No matter what the time of year, treat your lovable golden retriever or your baby kitten to a special gift that will let them him know how much you truly appreciate his love.

Mats, Beds and Pads
For the one who is always there to greet you at the door after a long day, the one who will always curl up on the couch next to you and the one who is always looking out for you, that furball of fun deserves the best. Sure you can give your cat or dog the traditional mat or bed to snooze on during the day, but don't you agree that they deserve a little more? Treat them to a Sunbeam® Heated Pet Pad and they'll fall asleep feeling as if they're on cloud nine. The micro-sued cover is soft, comfortable and best of all, machine washable. A thermostat inside regulates the heating system to 102.5F degrees, the veterinarian recommended level of warmth for pets. And if your little mouse-chasing friend prefers to be outdoors, put a ribbon on the Sunbeam® Heated Outdoor Cat Mat.

Treat the favorite member of the family to a heartfelt Valentine's Day gift this year.Treat the favorite member of the family to a heartfelt gift.

Pure Water
Water is without a doubt an essential part of your four-legged friend's diet but perhaps it's difficult to entice your pet to drink as much fluids as they should. With the Sunbeam® Purifying Water Fountain a re-circulating jet-stream keeps the water flowing continuously so that they'll keep drinking even when you're not home. The dual filtration system purifies the water as the particle filter removes hair, dirt and food particles so you'll never have to wonder if your pet's water is clean again. The quiet fountain can hold up to 100 ounces of water and barely makes a sound!

Toys and Treats
Leashes, grooming brushes and pet mats are all great, but probably won't excite your animal as much as it'll excite you. If a dog is a man's best friend, a dog's best friend is his toys and treats. From tennis balls and squeaky toys to fake mice and cat towers, your cat or dog will be thrilled whenever they get a new toy to play with. Hand-pick a selection of colorful and interactive toys, especially if you have a young puppy or kitten. These toys will keep them occupied and hopefully avoid bite marks in one of your favorite pairs of shoes.

Cat and dog treats are always a good idea. Leave out extra catnip or hide treats throughout your home when you head out the door in the morning. If you're feeling creative, search for a recipe for homemade pet treats that allow you to use your own cookie cutters to form them into heart shapes. If you're hoping to whip up a tasty, wholesome and healthy bone for your dog, use your Sunbeam® Gourmet Dog Treat Maker. You can bake up to four, easy-to-chew bones at a time. You can even make enough to wrap up in festive bags and give to other dogs in your neighborhood. No matter what you do, your easy-going, fuzzy friend is sure to enjoy it.

Unconditional love is the best gift of all.Unconditional love is the best gift of all.

Unconditional Love
Above all, the greatest gift that you can give to your pet is returning that unconditional love. There's nothing your playful pup will love more than being showered with hugs, kind words and lots of long walks. Aim to spend more time outside, playing fetch or Frisbee. And for your friendly feline, treat her to warm milk or a cuddle session by the fire.