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At-Home Relief for Joint Pain

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Between chronic pain and temporary injuries, joint pain affects millions of Americans each year. Whether you think that pain medication is the key or that joint pain is just a natural part of the aging process, think again. There are a number of natural, at-home remedies to help soothe and relieve joint discomfort.

Relief for Spine and Back Pain
If you're one of the many people living with chronic back pain, there are at-home remedies to help relieve pain. Back pain can be caused by a number of factors ranging from poor posture, accidents or sports related injuries. Natural aging and genetics are also known to contribute to back pain. Still others may just experience the occasional slight discomfort after a long drive, long shift at work or day of doing yard work. 

The Sunbeam  Back Contouring Heating Pad with Lumbar Support inflates to meet your desired needs.The Sunbeam® Back Contouring Heating Pad with Lumbar Support inflates to meet your desired needs.

Regardless of the cause, Sunbeam® Pain Relief Products are designed to target the lower lumber area and upper back to relieve stress, tension and chronic pain. The heat is deeply penetrated to reach the areas that need it most, the heating pads work to expand the arteries and capillaries to increase blood flow, thus soothing muscles and relaxing spasms. Built with an advanced airflow and customized system, the Sunbeam® Back Contouring Heating Pad with Lumbar Support brings immediate comfort to lower back aches. Customize the fit and the firmness to your needs with the self-inflating option and choose from four different heat settings until you get the relief you need. Use the unique hour-glass shaped pad at the kitchen table, your work desk or even on your favorite recliner to gain relief wherever you are.

Comfort for Neck and Shoulders
Almost everyone will experience some sort of neck or shoulder strain at some point in their lives. Routinely carrying heavy bags or children, sitting at a desk all day or failing to practice good posture can all lead to discomfort in this area. Engaging in sports such as tennis, softball or lacrosse can also lead to discomfort in the upper arms and neck. 

The Sunbeam® XL Renue® Heat Therapy Wrap is one such product delivering reliability and convenience when you need it most. The extra-large size is built to cover the neck, back and shoulder area to deliver targeted therapeutic heat for quick acting relief.

Simple and effective, heat therapy products are the most basic, yet most essential method for soothing muscles and joint pain. Heat therapy in the form of warm towels, hot baths and heating pads all work to relax muscle, relief tension and open the arteries to increase blood flow, relieving swelling and reducing stiffness. Hot showers, saunas and warm whirlpools also work great as well.

Muscle Pain

When you're experiencing chronic lower back pain, heat therapy is the at-home solution for you. When you're experiencing chronic lower back pain, heat therapy is the at-home solution for you.

When it comes to muscle pain, prevention and early action are best practices for prolonging the health of your joints. Engaging in regular physical activity and maintaining a healthy body weight are both key for improving joint function and mobility. Carrying excess weight puts more pressure on your joints, causing inflammation and pain. Exercise can help to strengthen muscles that support your joints, reducing the risk of pain. However, if joints begin to feel tender, sore or swollen, it's best to rest.

Joint pain from other injuries can be prevented by engaging in safe sports practices, taking proper care of your body and fueling it nutritiously. When jogging, biking or playing any other sport, always warm up, stretch, avoid full contact and cool down afterward.