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Try Something New, Host a Mini Dinner Party

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There's something almost irresistible about things in miniature form. Whether it's a fascination with tiny cars and dollhouses, a love for small food-shaped candies such as gummy pizzas and hamburgers or an obsession with all the cutest infant sneakers, clothes and socks for newborns, people love mini things. So why not try something new and host a mini-themed dinner party? Not only is it fun to host, but a mini party is also entertaining to prepare for. Delight your guests will teeny tiny drinks and bites that they'll be talking about for years to come.

From the drinks to the atmosphere to the decorations, the theme of a party must stay true throughout. Yet unless everyone magically shrunk themselves on arrival, setting up a miniature table and chair set is out of the question. However, you can still get creative with this theme and at least make an effort for the rest of the decor to make your guests feel like giants. For plates, centerpieces and napkins, check out your local toy store and head to the doll isle. You'll be surprised at what you can find. Toothpicks, shrimp forks and mini spoons are all available for purchase and great decor for your themed party. However, also be sure to leave out sets of regular size forks and knives for your guests to use if they would like.

Today, most varieties of alcoholic beverages and even non-alcoholic drinks come in a miniature form. Think thousands of feet above land on an airplane size. Bitty cordial glasses or short and slim shot glasses are perfect for serving miniature-sized drinks throughout the evening. Avoid the larger, bulky shot glasses as they don't have the same tiny feel. For the after dinner decaf coffee or tea, pick up a child's toy set of mini tea cups. These will be a big hit with your guests. To top it off, pick up a box of mini sugar cubes for guests to stir into their mini tea cups.

Miniature cupcakes are a great addition to your mini party.Miniature cupcakes are a great addition to your mini party.

Preparing the mini food might be the most exciting part of getting ready for the big - ahem, mini - night. Appetizers are typically great finger food and already in a miniature version. For your guests, prepare sliders instead of burgers, mini meatloaf with meatballs and bite size quiches instead of an entire casserole. Tortellini bites with toothpicks, mini sandwiches on crostinis and tiny tenderloin bites are other great ideas. After dinner, you can really wow your guests at this event by using the Sunbeam® Mini Pie Maker to create mini, rich and savory dessert pies.