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How to Pack for the Perfect Ski Weekend Getaway

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Packing for any trip can be daunting, but with a little bit of planning you can ensure you'll have everything you need for the perfect ski weekend getaway. Whether you're packing for yourself or for your entire family, forgetting just one glove or pair of goggles can mean a big dent in your wallet at the local ski shop. You need to pack for necessity and convenience, but you'll also want to pack for personal comfort and fun. But don't panic - here is the ultimate guide to everything you'll need for a seamless ski trip.

For the Mountain
It takes a lot of energy just to get to the mountain itself, so when you arrive it's critical that you haven't forgotten anything. Stick to the list below and you'll be ready to take on even the most rugged black diamonds this season.

  • Lift Pass - It goes without saying that you'll need a lift pass for the weekend and while you can purchase them at the mountain upon arrival, purchasing them ahead of time online can help save you money. If you have a season pass, you're already good to go.
  • Clothing - When it comes to a great ski weekend, having the right clothing is key. Start with the base layers - you'll need long underwear for both your top and bottom and several pairs of thick socks. Pack multiple sweaters and fleeces but remember, it's important to wear layers that are easy to take off if you get too hot. A pair of thick, insulated and waterproof pants and an outer jacket are crucial. Neck gaiters and even face gaiters if it's especially cold are a great way to stay warm and prevent wind burn. And last but not least, don't forget a pair of thick, waterproof gloves!
  • Gear and Equipment - If you don't have your own equipment, you can rent ski and snowboard boots, snowboards, skis, bindings and ski poles at the lodge. While renting at the lodge is convenient and saves you the hassle of lugging everything to the mountain, renting from a local ski shop in your hometown will have better deals. It's important to bring your helmet and goggles, and although some people prefer sunglasses, if it's snowing you'll be happy you brought the extra eye protection.
  • Accessories - Even though it's winter, the sun is often still shining so it's important to bring sunscreen, especially if you'll be spending most of the day on the mountain. Hand and toe warmers are a huge asset when you're out on the slopes. Instead of having to head to the lodge to warm up every few runs, your hands and toes will stay toasty for a longer time. If you're someone who isn't likely to take frequent breaks, it's wise to have a water pack or bottle with you.
Make a list to ensure you don't forget any of your essential gear for the mountain.Make a list to ensure you don't forget any of your essential gear for the mountain.

For the Lodge
Anyone who's an avid skier or snowboarder knows the constant buzz and energy that brings a ski lodge to life. Filled with families getting their little ones ready for their first lesson, old friends catching up over apres-ski drinks and regulars passing through, the ski lodge is a fun and bustling place to be. Here's what you'll need:

  • Comfortable Shoes - You'll want a pair of street shoes that are easy to slip on to wear to the mountain in the morning and that are soft and comfortable on your feet after a full day of activity. Fuzzy slippers, comfortable sneakers or snow boots are great.
  • Snacks - Packing a cooler filled with snacks, sandwiches and drinks will keep everyone full and satisfied. You'll also avoid spending money on overpriced items at the snack shack.
  • Cards - There's often down time at the lodge, especially if you're skiing with a big group. Bring a deck of cards or other easily portable game to stay entertained between runs.
  • Seat Warmer - If you're looking to warm up quickly between trail runs, consider a seat warmer like the Sunbeam® Heat-to-Go Portable Seat Warmer. It's easy to pack and it'll have you feeling ready to go again in no time.
If you're enjoying a drink out in the snow, you'll definitely want a heated seat warmer!If you're enjoying a drink out in the snow, you'll definitely want a heated seat warmer!

For the Ski Condo
For some people, half the fun is staying at a winter ski condo with friends and family for the weekend. Consider these essentials to ensure a great time and a smooth weekend.

  • Food - Food should be one of your biggest priorities when planning a ski weekend. Eating out for every meal can get expensive quickly and after a long day of runs, jumps and moguls out in the cold, you'll likely just want to relax at the condo. Big casseroles and pasta dishes that only need to be reheated are perfect for feeding a big crowd of hungry skiers. Ready-made sandwiches, pizzas and family-size salads are great dinner ideas as well. If staying with other families, coordinate in advance and have each one cover one meal for the weekend.
  • Street Clothes - In all the rush of getting your ski gear together, don't forget to pack your comfortable clothes! Pack clothing for lounging around the condo but also pack an outfit for exploring the town or dining out.
  • Heat Therapy - After a long day of skiing, you're going to need hot and cold therapy, there's no doubt about it. The Sunbeam® Body-Shaped Heating Pad with Hot & Cold Pack is perfect for a ski weekend because of its versatility. While the design is optimal for back pain, it can also wrap comfortably around your arm, shoulder or knee. Providing both hot and cold therapy, a detachable control allows for on-the-go convenience for pain relief whenever you need it.
  • Board Games and Movies - It's not a successful ski weekend without a friendly game of monopoly! Pack a selection of card and board games, as well as a variety of movies to keep the crowd entertained long after the last lift ride of the day.
A ski weekend isn't complete with a friendly board game challenge.A ski weekend isn't complete with a friendly board game challenge.