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Alternative Pain Relief: The Natural Way

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Popping an ibuprofen each time you feel your back pain or your calf muscle start to act up again may provide temporary relief, but it's not necessarily the answer in the long run. What's more is that painkillers have the potential to cause complications down the line. So then you may ask, what's the answer?

Chronic pain can be frustrating, especially when there is no simple fix and therefore no tried-and-true answer. In fact, it's often nearly impossible to even pinpoint the actual cause of chronic pain. However, the good news is that non-prescription therapies have been known to provide relief for patients. If you're someone who experiences chronic pain, the next time you open your medicine cabinet and reach for that bottle, consider one of these natural options for alternative pain relief.

" The food you consume can help relieve pain."

Eat Well
Eating a healthy and balanced diet is essential for your body's overall well-being and believe it or not, the food you consume can play a role in pain relief. There are certain foods that have the power to boost the body's natural immunity, soothe pain and even reduce pain-causing inflammation. The spice turmeric can reduce inflammation. Also known to reduce inflammation is the Omega-3 fatty acid, a nutrient found in fish oil and flaxseed. One of the most well-known diets that is naturally anti-inflammatory is the Mediterranean diet. Individuals enjoying this extremely tasty diet consume foods high in whole grains, lots of fish, many leafy vegetables, fresh fruit and olive oil. Also helping to naturally soothe pain is ginger, a root that inhibits pain-causing molecules.

Improve Muscle Strength
Exercising and stretching have always been known to improve mobility and muscle function and many people who experience pain have turned to forms of physical therapy. Stretching can be especially beneficial for those experiencing chronic spine pain. The body is designed for movement and when your back becomes restricted, the pain only increases. That is why careful and considerate stretching of the soft tissues - the ligaments, muscles and tendons - around the spine can improve your comfort level.

Resistance training and specified exercises can target and strengthen distinct areas of the body that are in pain. By engaging in yoga, Pilates and tai chi you can naturally improve alignment, release endorphins and strengthen the muscles that support your joints - all are methods that will, in turn, ease the pain you experience. Research has found that people with chronic lower-back pain who practice yoga, with careful adaptation, have improved function and even reduced pain.

Practicing yoga can improve mobility and ease pain.Practicing yoga can improve mobility and ease pain.

Cool the Pain
Most chronic pain is often inflamed and the best natural way to reduce that inflammation is with ice. Icing the area of your body that is in pain will help to provide cooling relief. Ice also slows your nerve impulses which breaks up the pain signals in that area. Certain products such as the Sunbeam® Cold Pack with VELCRO® Closure, make it easy to apply ice while still going about your daily business. It's important to remember that you should never apply ice directly to the skin, always use a towel or cloth and never ice for more than 20 minutes at one time.

Cold therapy can reduce inflammation.Cold therapy can reduce inflammation.

Apply Heat Therapy
Heat therapy has been around for thousands of years and it still remains one of the most natural and effective ways to relieve pain. There are a number of ways to apply heat therapy from simple hot water bottles to advanced heating pads such as the Sunbeam® MicroPlush Body-Shaped Heating Pad with Digital LCD Controller. Heat works naturally in several ways. It increases the flow of nutrients in your body, providing tension relief and alleviating pain in sensitive areas. Heat therapy relieves stiff joints and promotes comfort by aiding in the relaxation of your muscles.