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How to Avoid These Common Holiday Mishaps

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The first frost has barely arrived, yet the radio is already playing Christmas tunes and the store shelves are filling up with festive decorations. Each year the holiday season seems to arrive faster and more furious than the one previous and each year, people find themselves making a mad dash to prepare for all of the festivities. In the midst of it all is the potential for a number of common holiday mishaps - that may leave you in need of some heat therapy during the holiday season.

Even if you take all of the precautions and still experience a mishap this holiday season, you don't have to worry because Sunbeam® Heated Therapy Products provide solutions for your everyday life with reliable and effective heating pads for all areas of your body. You can choose from heating and massaging pads that target cramps, muscles and joints, the neck and shoulder area or the back. Consider these holiday mishaps and which heating product works best for each situation.

Winter Activity Injuries
When school is out for the holidays and the whole family is finally home, many take the opportunity to spend a day skiing on slopes, skating on the local pond or sledding down the nearest hill. While all of these activities are a great way to bring the family together and enjoy the winter weather, they each come with their fair share of mishaps. Even the seemingly innocent sledding adventure can quickly take a turn for the worse if you aren't too careful. The best thing that you and your loved ones can do to avoid these injuries in the first place is to ensure that you wear the proper gear, warm up and stretch beforehand. Giving your muscles a chance to get loose and warm before engaging in any sort of physical activity is helpful in reducing your risk of injury.

In the event of a joint or muscle injury from any of these winter activities, the Sunbeam® Body-Shaped Heating Pad with Hot & Cold Pack is great option to minimize your downtime on the couch or in bed. Designed for on-the-go treatment, this heating and cooling pad is versatile for conforming to the body to provide maximum relief. Choose from hot or cold therapy, depending on the stage of your injury and take advantage of the Velcro strap that extends up to 70 inches for an easy and comfortable fit at the site of pain. You may have to skip the next physical activity, but a least you can join in on the fun around the fireplace or socialize at the lodge.

Holiday Decorating
You've all been there: Pulling out the ladder to string up the last of the lights along the roof of the house or to put the star on the top of the tree, hoping not to slip and fall. Even simply getting the holiday decorations down from the attic with rickety stairs or retrieving the heavy box from the basement has the potential to cause stress and strain on your back. And a day of cleaning and organizing just to start decorating for the holidays can put a strain on your neck and shoulders, causing tension to build up.

The good news is that there's an easy way to help reduce that strain and relax your muscles for faster healing. With the Sunbeam® Massaging XL Renue® Heat Therapy Neck & Shoulder Wrap you gain both therapeutic heat and massage therapy to help relieve the feelings of stress that have built up from all of that decorating. The unique shape is specifically intended to reach the most tender areas and to also extend down your back with heat and massaging features. For optimal convenience, this heat wrap has a magnetic closure and weighted beads so that it sits easily and comfortably on your shoulders without moving around. With extra soft and cozy material, you'll feel toasty and cozy unwinding on the couch after a day of getting the house to look festive for the holidays.

Setting up the Christmas Tree
For many families, one of the biggest traditions is piling into the car to pick out and cut down the Christmas tree. Cutting down, carrying and setting up the tree can take quite a lot of effort however and with it, comes the potential for pulling a muscle in your back. It's important when lifting heavy objects, such as a pine tree, to lift with your knees to help take the weight off your back. Avoid bending at the waist or turning too quickly.

Whether the tree goes up without a hassle or not, it's likely that the back will be slightly sore afterward. Between the heavy lifting, carrying and decorating, you'll deserve a much-needed break with the Sunbeam® Massaging Renue® Extended Back Heat Therapy Wrap, which has been extended for full back coverage! This means that from neck and shoulders, all the way down to the bottom of your back, you'll feel maximum relief.