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4 Reasons You Should Walk on the Beach

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Just because the summer has come to an end doesn't mean long walks on the beach have to as well. No matter what the temperature, there are many reasons that you should take a walk on the beach. Kick off your shoes and enjoy the feeling of the sand between yours toes.

1. Change Of Scenery
Mix up your daily routine by changing the background of your walks with a stroll along the beach. Not only does the shoreline offer a beautiful landscape, but the activity will be different as well. Instead of watching the monotonous flow of traffic, gaze at the steady movement of a power boat or the lone sailboat sitting on the water. The calming atmosphere of the sand and ocean will allow you a moment to breathe deep and think.

There are many reasons for walking along the beach.There are many benefits of walking along the beach.

2. Varying Degrees of Resistance
As opposed to the hard surface of concrete, sand is much softer and provides resistance. Your leg and foot muscles must work extra hard to move your body forward with each step that you take. The more effort that is required, the better the workout. The difference between walking through wet, compact sand and soft sand is an added challenge for your body that your legs can benefit from.

3. Natural Environment
You can always benefit from fresh air, and outdoor activities are good for both the mind and the body. Connect with the beauty of nature and the outside world when you take your next walk along the beach.

4. Add to Your Seashell Collection
Walking along the sandy coastline is a great way to stumble upon natural treasures. Collect colorful pieces of sea glass, uniquely shaped rocks and a variety of seashells to bring home. Use these rocks and shells for decorative centerpieces or gifts for friends and family - and get in a light workout in the process!