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4 Perfect Movie Genres For a Rainy Day

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The brisk autumn months and the colder days of early winter are the best times to skip the cinema and cuddle up with a friend or loved one. Grab your best heated blanket or quilt and turn on your favorite movie right in the comfort of your own home. Here are four of the best movie genres for a rainy day:

1. Romantic Comedy
There's no question that scenes of romantic escapades and moonlight kisses are superb cuddling material. Cozy up next to your loved one while watching your favorite stars dance, kiss and swoon their loved ones with romantic gestures. From themes of dates gone wrong to picture perfect weddings, you can't go wrong with a romantic comedy.

2. Horror Film
It's impossible to sit through an entire scary movie alone - they are just too frightening! Everything from horror films to supernatural thrillers and dark movies with blood and gore will require a movie watching companion to scream with. Make sure you find the perfect person to cuddle up to when zombies and paranormal happenings start taking over the screen.

Cuddle up with your favorite person for a romantic comedy.A rainy day is always a good time to watch a romantic comedy.

3. Holiday Classic
Holiday classics are the ultimate movies for getting cozy with your family. Around the holiday season, popular television channels run title after title of classic Christmas and Thanksgiving movies. No matter how many times you've seen "A Christmas Story," "The Muppet Christmas Carol" or "Home Alone," they're great films for bringing the whole family together. There's nothing better than gathering on the couch with your cousins, siblings and parents and a big plate of Christmas cookies for a day of movie watching.

4. Sports Movie
Even for those who aren't avid sports fans, a story about a team of underdogs overcoming trials and setbacks to eventually win that final championship game can tug on anyone's heart strings. Cozy up and fall in love with the movie's underdog. Watch as they train and work harder than ever to battle the biggest hurdles and cheer along with them when they finally succeed.