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Top 4 Common Dream Themes

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Have you ever woken up and wondered why an old childhood friend reappeared in your dream? Or why you dreamt that all of your teeth fell out? Each night that you climb into your bed and fall into a deep sleep, you dream, though you might not be able to recall each one. Whether you believe that dreams are meaningless visions or that they are actually your subconscious trying to tell you something, there are certain themes that tend to reoccur. Here are the top four most common dream themes:

1. Being Chased
The vague memory of being chased while you were sound asleep is one of the most common themes experienced by people who dream. Running away from someone as fast as you can, yet feeling as though you are not moving forward is also common. Whether it is a teacher, a villain or a rabid animal chasing you, these dreams can often be quite terrifying.

2. Falling
Almost everyone has had a dream about falling at one point or another. If you have ever dreamt that you are falling from the edge of a skyscraper, off the side of a bridge or even just falling from your own bed, chances are that you woke up with a jolt before hitting the ground. Or, you may not remember where you were falling from that left you with that flip-flop feeling in your stomach. However, all that matters is that you wake up safe in your own bed.

Most people dream every night, but not everyone can recall those dreams in the morning.Most people dream every night, but not everyone can recall those dreams in the morning.

3. Water
The theme of water is also common in dreams. From swimming or surfing to dreams of heavy rain or flooding, some dreams can feel so real that you wake up feeling as though you really did just step out of the ocean.

4. People
Just like books or movies, it's rare for dreams to occur without at least one character appearing at some point in the story. Often times the people who become a part of your dreams are those who play a big role in your everyday life. However, the role that they play in your dream may be far different from your relationship with them in real life. It's also not uncommon for distant acquaintances to be a huge piece of your dream.