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Tips For Sleeping in New Places

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For some people, it's the burden of travel that stands as the biggest barrier between them and the comfort of family, friends and a delicious holiday meal. Navigating airports and security, miles of interstate or several hours on an uncomfortable train are enough to make some people stay at home during the festive season. However, for those who don't mind traveling, it can be the discomfort of sleeping someplace new that gets them the most. Here are several tips for making that hotel room, your in-law's guest room or the house rental feel as comfortable as possible this holiday season:

Bring Something Familiar
It's not easy to fall asleep in an unfamiliar environment. Making your holiday sleeping arrangement feel as close to home as possible will not only help put you at ease, but also provide extra comfort. Bringing along your favorite pillow or blanket as well as your favorite outfit for sleeping will make falling asleep in a different bedroom much easier. It may also help to pack your bedside clock, favorite book or other item that reminds you of home.

Pack the Essentials
If you're worried about the potential of loud noise or excess light at your holiday destination this year, be sure to pack ear plugs and a sleeping mask. Both are effective ways to block out sound and bright light. They're small and convenient to pack in any bag, no matter what size it is. Ear plugs and a sleeping mask are also great if you're flying and want to catch a quick nap during the flight. 

Make your holiday travel sleeping arrangements feel like home.Make your holiday travel sleeping arrangements feel like home.

Put Away the Electronics
Bringing your phone or computer into bed with you will only make it more difficult to fall asleep. The bright lights that come from your phone screen will counteract the nighttime ritual of turning off the lights before bed. Additionally, it's best to keep your mind at ease before bedtime. Scanning the Internet or through work emails certainly won't help to reduce anxiety. Powering down all electronics is the best way to de-stress before climbing into bed for a good night's sleep.

Ease Your Mind
The most natural way to fall asleep in a new place is to find your peace of mind. Let go of any stressful or negative thoughts and try deep breathing when you get into bed. Above all, try to keep your bedtime routine as close to normal as possible. If you're still having trouble falling asleep, try walking, light stretching or reading a book with dim lighting. Sometimes a light snack can help as well.