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How to Prep Your Guestroom for the Holidays

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Whether you're hosting an entire family from out of town or just one guest this holiday season, preparing your guestroom is an essential part of the process. Ensuring that your guests have a comfortable, inviting bedroom for their stay will make everyone happy and best of all, it's easy to do. In just one afternoon you can have your guestroom looking like one of the finest hotel rooms out there.

Provide the Essentials
If your guests traveled a great distance or on an airplane to get to your place, chances are they didn't have any extra room for bath towels or shower products. Create a resort-like feel by setting out a fresh set of soft guest towels, a variety of soaps and shampoos, lotions and toothpaste. A sleeping mask, razors and perhaps even a little welcome gift are a nice addition as well. Not only will they feel pampered, but the extra touch will help them feel truly welcomed.

A small welcome gift, such as a cozy pair of slippers, will really make your guest feel at home.A small welcome gift, such as a cozy pair of slippers, will really make your guest feel at home.

Preparing the Bed
Perhaps most important when it comes to preparing the guestroom is making sure that the bed will make them feel at home. Even if the sheets are clean, run them through the wash before your guests arrive. Sitting unused for a long period can create a musky, stale odor but a quick wash will leave you with fresh-smelling, soft sheets. Choose a colorful, cozy comforter and a selection of fluffy pillows to top it all off.

A Little Something Extra
If you're really looking to go the extra mile, a vase of fresh flowers will really make your guests feel special. Festive flowers will add a pop of color to your guestroom and create a natural, lovely smell for your family or friends to walk into. Leaving a collection of books, recent magazines and other light reading materials on the bedside table is also a nice gesture.