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5 Ways to Warm Up in Less Than 10 Minutes

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Once the holiday season hits, you know that the colder temperatures are here to stay. Icy snow, brisk wind and other winter weather conditions cause your body temperature to drop quickly if you're outside for an extended length of time. Whether you're walking to work, skiing down the mountain or playing in the snow you'll undoubtedly still be shivering once you step inside. But that's the best thing about winter - coming into the cozy warmth of a heated building after being outside. Here are five of the best ways to warm up in less than 10 minutes:

1. Change Your Clothes
The first thing you should do after coming in from the cold outdoors is to take off your outer layers, especially if they are damp or wet from the snow or rain. Remove your socks as well, as they are likely to be damp. Put on warm layers such as a thick sweater or sweatshirt and find your coziest pair of slippers. After putting on a new pair of socks, slipping into those soft and warm slippers will warm you up in no time. Even though putting on a hat inside may seem silly, it's another way to help your body warm up faster.

2. Exercise
One of the best ways to naturally get your muscles moving and you body heated up is through physical activity. When you're cold, your body is likely to stiffen up. Going for a light jog, taking a brisk walk or getting involved in a pick-up soccer or basketball game are some of the fastest ways to get your body warm again. If you want to stay indoors to warm up, try doing some stationary stretching or abdominal exercises. Both are easy to do and also help get your blood flowing again.

3. Grab a Heated Blanket or Throw
After a long day of being outdoors there's nothing like getting cozy on your favorite couch or chair. Wrapping yourself in a thick blanket is a great way to trap body heat and instantly warm you up. However, a heated blanket or throw can do that even more quickly and they're just as soft and cozy!

Sipping hot tea is one of the fastest ways to warm up your body.Sipping hot tea is one of the fastest ways to warm up your body.

4. Pour Your Favorite Warm Beverage
A favorite method for warming up is to sip on a hot beverage such as tea or coffee. As soon as you get in from being out in the cold, fill your kettle or tea pot with water and set it on the stove to boil. In less than a few minutes the water will be boiled and ready to use for your favorite tea bag, coffee or hot chocolate mix. Fill a mug with the steaming liquid and sit to enjoy it. You'll feel warm before you even take that first sip.

5. Start Cooking
If you plan to cook after coming in from the cold, get your oven cranking as soon as you walk in. Although you may not be cooking for a few more minutes, the heat from the oven will bring some immediate warmth to your kitchen. Spend some time warming up but never leave your oven on unattended.