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How to Make the Most of Your Nap

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Maybe pigs have started flying and you have a 30-minute window free of responsibilities and activities that demand your active participation. This doesn't happen very often, so it's crucial that you take advantage of the rare opportunity to get in a solid power nap whenever you can. However, no matter how tired and in need of a nap you really are, it can be difficult to get to sleep at the drop of a hat. Here's what you can do to get the best rest in the fastest amount of time.

Make sure you're always prepared for a nap.Make sure you're always prepared for a nap.

Create a Nap Kit
Do you ever wish you could just hit a button and have black-out shades cover your windows, a cozy comforter perfectly unfold on your bed and soft music fill the room to lull you into a peaceful sleep? Hitting the hay for a quick nap might not be as instantaneous as hitting a button, but it can come close. If you create a nap kit beforehand, you can get all of the prep work out of the way so the second you get some free time, you can hop right in and get to sleep.

Be sure to have comfy sweats on hand so you don't have to dig through your wardrobe when the moment strikes. You should also have a set of heavy, dark curtains on both sides of your windows to block out the light and create a dark room that's great for sleeping. You don't have to use them during the day when you want sunlight, but keeping them on the curtain rod as an option is essential to comfortable midday naps.

"Try to foresee any interruptions you might experience."

Eliminate Interruptions
Nothing's worse than drifting off to sleep and being startled by your phone or loud neighbor. Before settling in for your nap, try to foresee any interruptions you might experience. Does your roommate get in around this time? Shut the door to your room so you have an extra layer of noise reduction when he or she walks in. You can also run a fan or other noise-canceling device to drown out any background sounds that you're sure to come across during the day when most people are busy moving around. 

Also, your cell phone can be a source of interruption. Silence the ringer, and even take it off vibrate mode if you're an especially light sleeper. Whatever the text, call or email is about, it can wait for 30 minutes while you recharge your own batteries. If you're worried about missing an important message, try setting your phone's ringer to only sound if a person calls more than once in a certain timeframe. 

Set an Alarm
It may seem counterintuitive to set an end time for your nap in order to make the most of it, but it helps you really unwind. Some people might fear that they'll fall into a deep sleep and stay resting for hours on end if they settle in for what should have been a quick nap. That stress alone could prevent them from getting some solid shut-eye. By setting an alarm to sound after the 30 minutes are up, they can rest assured - literally - that they won't oversleep.

Use Soothing Products
By now, you should know what types of things help you get to sleep. Maybe it's sipping on a cup of tea or lighting some soothing candles, or even just slipping on some cozy socks. Whatever it is, be sure to include it in your naptime routine. Use products that you normally associate with sleep, and you'll increase your odds of getting to rest faster.