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7 Hacks for Waking up More Easily

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We've all been there: Your alarm is set for a certain time, but you continuously hit snooze until you're almost late for work. Waking up every morning can be a challenge, but as long as you're getting enough sleep every night, it shouldn't be too tough to train your body to start the day a little earlier - or at least on time. Try these seven hacks for an easier morning.

1. Keep Your Alarm Clock Far Away
Sure, it's one of the oldest tricks in the book, but it's so popular for a reason: It works. Keep your alarm clock on the opposite side of your room, and set it for the actual time that you need to get out of bed. Even if you hit snooze and crawl back into bed, you'll likely be less prone to snoozing the morning away.

"The right tunes could jolt you out of bed."

2. Wake Up to Your Favorite Music
The dreaded sound of an alarm clock doesn't have to be so unpleasant. Set your phone to wake you up with your favorite song or a predetermined radio station. Not only will waking up be more pleasant, but the right tunes could jolt you out of bed and make you look forward to physically getting up and ready.

3. Brighten Up Your Room
A dark room is essential to falling asleep, and conversely, a bright room is helpful for waking up. If you can muster the strength, open up your blinds as soon as your alarm goes off in the morning to help get you out of your sleepy state. If the curtains are out of reach, try turning on a lamp to give you some light and shake you out of rest.

4. Use Food as Motivation
Even if you're not a big breakfast person, you can probably think of something tasty to snack on in the morning. Whether it's a cheesy bagel or a bowl of fresh fruit, be sure to prepare it the night before so you know it's ready and waiting for you when you wake up. That alone can get even the sleepiest person out of bed.

5. Drink a Full Glass of Water
Downing an entire glass of water the moment you wake up can help replenish the hydration you lost while you were asleep, and that alone carries many benefits. It can also help you feel more energized - not to mention, you'll be forced out of bed when it's time to use the restroom. 

Having something to look forward to that day makes waking up easier.Having something to look forward to that day makes waking up easier.

6. Get Excited
Sometimes, when you have a special event or important meeting first thing in the morning, you might find that you naturally wake up before your alarm and effortlessly hop out of bed. When there's a certain amount of urgency or excitement surrounding your morning, it's easier to get out of bed. Try to incorporate at least one exciting activity each day so it amps you up for the day and gets you up as soon as your alarm sounds.

7. Ditch the Phone
If you're like most people, you keep your phone within reach at all times - including bedtime. This can be detrimental to your sleep for a number of reasons, but when it comes to waking up in the morning, it could be a major distraction. Think about it: You're all snuggled up in your warm, comfy bed with social media, email and text messaging all at your fingertips. That kind of setup could make leaving your bed especially difficult. Avoid the distractions and keep your phone far away. If you use it as an alarm clock, it will be even more effective in getting you up every morning to shut it off.