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How to Prepare Your Home for Spring

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As you're ushering in the new season, there are many alterations you'll need to make both inside and outside of your home to prepare for the spring. After you've put all your winter tools back in the shed and turned off the heat, you'll be looking for ways you can update your home to reflect the seasonal shift.

From pollen-proofing the windows to opening up the space in the living room, there are plenty of ways you can spruce up for the spring.

"Dark shades can cause your home to become much warmer in the spring."

Out with the Old
Those dark shades and heavy curtains should be replaced with light hues and thin fabrics. The sun will be back in full force in just a few months, and those dark colors will do nothing but absorb heat and make the house much warmer. Stick with light shades - like Pantone's color of the season, Aquamarine - for your curtains, throws, pillows and walls. 

It's also time to go through your rooms and swap out any winter decorations, like that festive snowman village or the ferns sitting in the corner. Bring out your floral ornaments and potted plants that thrive on sunlight.

Support Your Sports
Hockey season is in full swing, while baseball season will be starting soon - decorate your home with trinkets from these teams to show your support. It's warming up outside, but there are still going to be those chilly evenings when you want to wrap up with your fuzziest blankets. Combine your love for sports and heated comfort by bringing out your Sunbeam® NHL® Fleece Heated Throw.

You'll also want to look for ways to open up your living room, as you'll be inviting friends over to watch the games at your place. 

They're pretty, but man - they can be inconvenient.They're pretty, but man - they can be inconvenient.

Prepare for Pollen
Unfortunately, as those beautiful flowers start to bloom, there's going to be an influx of pollen. Keeping your windows open is a great way to reduce air conditioning costs, but those open spaces permit allergens to pass freely between the interior and exterior of your home. Mesh screens can be a lifesaver, but they can't keep all pollen from entering the area.

Investing in appliances that will improve the quality of your air may be the added boost you need this season. Pick up an air purifier to get rid of the pollen, dander and dust that may be circulating with greater frequency this spring.