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How to Clean Sand From Your Home

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If you were lucky enough to escape the harsh winter and travel to a beach for spring break, you're probably missing it already. Fortunately, you were able to make amazing memories and bring back countless photos - and piles of sand. No matter how hard you try to keep sand at the beach, it always seems to follow you back wherever you go. Maybe you didn't shake out your beach towels or wipe off your sandals before throwing them back in your suitcase. Whatever the reason, there's sand on your clothes, in your sheets and all over your floor, and you need to clean up. Here's how.

Keep Suitcases Outside
Before bringing in luggage, you'll need to shake out everything you can. Keep suitcases in your mud room or garage while you settle back into your home. The trick is to get rid of as much sand as possible before it even has the chance to invade your home. When it comes time to unpack, do so very carefully, and do it outside. Open your bags and shake out each piece of clothing individually. Clap all of your shoes together - even if you didn't use them during your trip. Sand has a funny way of settling into areas that you'd least expect. Grab a baby wipe and clean off all products - especially bottles of sunscreen and anything else you used while outdoors. Place them in a clean, dry bucket when you're finished. Once your suitcases are empty, shake them out as well, and follow up with a baby wipe to remove any stubborn dirt and sand that piled up into the corners. Congratulations - it's now safe to bring everything back inside with you.

A beach getaway often requires busting out the vacuum when you get back.A beach getaway often requires busting out the vacuum when you get back.

Sweep - and Mop and Vacuum - Your Floors
Sand will find its way inside despite your best efforts, and sometimes a broom isn't enough to get rid of the sand on your kitchen or hardwood floors. No matter how thoroughly you sweep, you'll likely still feel remnants when walking barefoot. Follow up your sweeping or vacuuming with a wet mop that will help pick up any dirt that remains. Shake out floor mats and hallway runners, and push a vacuum over all of the carpeting in your home.

De-Sand Your Bedding
Nothing ruins cuddling up under your Sunbeam® Full/Queen Heated Comforter more quickly than sand that somehow found its way into your bedding. Carefully fold up all of your bedding and transport it outside. Shake out your sheets vigorously and throw them in the wash. Cover your mattress with new sheets and place the fresh comforter back on your bed.

Do laundry before you leave to keep sand at bay.Do laundry before you leave to keep sand at bay.

Be Proactive in the Future
It only takes one sandy experience to learn from your mistakes. If you're extra careful when returning from a vacation, you might not even have to worry about de-sanding your home in the first place. Blast empty beach coolers and sandy umbrellas and chairs with a hose to remove sand before storing them away. Sprinkle baby powder on your body anywhere you see sand - this will help it come off easily and painlessly so you don't track it anywhere to begin with. Try washing and drying your clothes before packing up your suitcase so you don't have to worry about cleanup when you get home. Keep all wet and sandy towels and bathing suits aside, and toss suits in a rinse cycle initially to get rid of the sand. Shake out towels and wash and dry them as normal. By focusing on cleanup before you get back, you can save yourself the headache of finding grains of sand months after your beach getaway.