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What Your Morning Routine Says About You

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When your alarm goes off, your first instinct might be to hit snooze. It could also be to shut off the alarm and get out of bed immediately. Your initial reaction in the morning says a lot about who you are as a person. The way you begin your day gives valuable insight into your strengths and weaknesses.

Curious to know what they are? Follow this guide to determine what your morning ritual says about you.

If your mornings are productive, you're probably type A.If your mornings are productive, you're probably type A.

A natural born leader, you like to make your mornings leisurely and long. You rise before the sun is even up and start your day with a relaxing cup of coffee, followed by some sort of physical activity to get the blood flowing. Once that's done, you proceed to "eat the frog," a concept that you've read about in your books on successful leadership. You know that the key to success is all in a good night's sleep and a productive, early morning, and as a result, you include your most challenging tasks in the early part of your day. To others, you might come across as controlling and type A - and you consider both of those to be compliments.

The Fake-Out
You set your alarm an hour before you physically have to get up - and you have alerts scheduled for every 15 minutes that follow. You also probably set all of the clocks in your house and car 10 minutes ahead so you can trick yourself into arriving to places on time. Sound familiar? Then you're probably a slightly dramatic person who thrives on conflict. Your mornings are chaotic because you refuse to get out of bed. Try to see what the issue really is - it could just be that you're not getting to sleep early enough, and changing up your bedtime ritual could help quite a bit.

Some people spend their mornings running.Some people spend their mornings running.

The Marathoner
To you, mornings are all about running. Your day is best started with a long run to jolt you out of bed, and if you're lucky, you'll even catch a beautiful sunrise. By the time most people are just rolling out of bed, you're finishing up your fifth mile. Even if you're not consciously preparing for a marathon, that goal isn't too far out of sight. You likely spend your days stretching, icing sore muscles and bonding with fellow running enthusiasts.

The Brush-n-Go
You don't do much of anything before you're out the door in the morning. You value every second of sleep, and there's nothing that can get in the way of that. You wake up, brush your teeth, throw on some fresh clothes and go about your day. You might eat a granola bar in the car on your way to work, and you may dab some pressed powder on your nose before walking into the office, but for the most part, you stick to the basics. Your no-fuss routine is reflective of your low-maintenance personality. People probably gravitate toward you because you're easy-going and fun - until someone messes with your sleep schedule, that is.

The Juggler
Day or night, you're working on something. The moment you wake up, you begin crossing items off your to-do list. After all, every waking moment is one that could be devoted to getting things done. Maybe you run your own start-up, or perhaps you're just a star employee, but your morning routine fits in well with your life and responsibilities. Of course, you can't start any of these things without a cup of freshly brewed coffee. You've already programmed your coffee maker to have a batch ready for your enjoyment at precisely 6:30 a.m.