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How to Transform your Bedroom on a Budget

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One of the easiest ways to reboot your life is by redesigning your bedroom. However, there are some roadblocks you'll probably encounter when attempting to transform your space. Between finding the time to shop around and the money to spend on accessories and furniture, the whole process of creating a new bedroom can seem discouraging. But it doesn't have to be such a major project. By changing certain aspects of your room, you can get a completely different look that requires minimal effort and, more importantly, doesn't kill your budget.

Create a headboard of your own.Create a headboard of your own.

DIY Headboard
Adding a headboard to your bed is a quick and simple way to make your room look more polished, and it's a great canvas for adding some flair. Picking one up at a store can be quite expensive, but if you take the project into your own hands, you can save some money - not to mention, you can design it exactly the way you'd like. If you're going for a coastal, natural look, all you need to do is keep your eyes open. Many times, hardware stores are looking to get rid of wooden palettes that they use to ship materials. Grab one the next time you find it and paint it whatever color you'd like. You can even just brush a light wood stain over it to maintain its natural beauty. Then, simply stick it behind your bed to bring the attention to your cozy comforter and pillows.

Pillows can instantly transform a room.Pillows can instantly transform a room.

Cover Your Pillows
Speaking of pillows, the right ones can totally change the look of your room for the better. However, decorative pillows are surprisingly pricey. Rather than purchase a few new ones every time you want to change your room around, simply take a trip to the nearest craft store. Look around the fabric section and pick up some funky designs that go along with your new theme. Then, wrap them around your pillows and stitch them up. You'll end up with a totally new vibe at a fraction of the cost!

Paint an Accent Wall
An easy way to transform the look of your room is with a new paint job. However, you'll likely need a few cans to cover your entire room and apply enough coats to make the color pop, and that can get expensive. Instead of blowing your money on gallons of paint, cut your spend in half by only painting one or two of the walls in your bedroom. Accent walls are growing in popularity, and can instantly make your room look larger and more interesting. Try a cool scheme of complementary colors, like purple and yellow, for a daring new look. Or, if you're not looking for such a bold statement, try a quieter combination, like gray and blue, and save the pop of colors for your accessories. Line up a few swatches before you make a decision to make sure they mesh well together.

Rearrange the Room
Sometimes, you don't even need to spend a dime to transform the look and feel of a room. All you need are a few hours on a lazy Saturday or Sunday, a friend or two for a helping hand and some basic knowledge of Feng Shui. The popular design philosophy is simple: Make sure you can see the door from your bedroom, design with mirrors and simplicity, and keep the whole space well lit. You want to keep clutter to a minimum and maintain an open space to allow the flow of good energy. The way you position your bed and other furniture can make a world of difference in the way you view your room.