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What Does the Way You Sleep Say About You? [video]

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Sometimes, you can tell what kind of sleeper a person is just by the way they carry themselves. Maybe he is the type to embrace strangers immediately upon meeting them, or maybe it's her tendency to cuddle up with a pet while watching a movie. On the other hand, some people are quiet and reserved. Sometimes those are the ones who will surprise you.

Often, the person who seems quiet and reserved while awake is secretly a restless, disruptive sleeper who needs their SunbeamĀ® Comfy Toes Heated Mattress Pad. Regardless, sleeping patterns give a special kind of insight into who the person really is deep down.

Here's what your sleep style says about you.

Soldier sleepers lay flat on their backs with their arms by their sides. Despite the snoring that may ensue as a result of sleeping on their backs, soldier sleepers are typically reserved and quiet. They like to study their surroundings and analyze their next moves in a strategic way. If your sleeping partner is a soldier type, consider yourself lucky.

As the name implies, the fetal sleeping position mimics that of a developing infant. Lying on their sides with their knees tucked up to their chests, fetal sleepers are characteristically strong with a soft side. They like to come across as in control, but they're actually quite sensitive in nature.

When people are yearners, they're side sleepers - but not just any kind of side sleepers. Yearners position their heads on the edge of the pillow, outstretching their arms and keeping their backs straight. Not to be confused with the fetal sleep style, their knees are only slightly bent. They're typically skeptical in nature, but still approach the world with a unique type of openness. These are the people who seem to be outgoing but are actually introverted at their core.

Free Faller
Those who face plant into their beds every night are free fallers. With their heads titled to one side and their arms outstretched under their pillows, they dive into their sleepy states head first - and it's also how they approach life. They're friendly and outgoing and will jump into any uncomfortable social situation with an open mind. However, their bold nature also makes them slightly non-responsive to criticism. It's one experience being these people's friend, and a completely other being their manager.