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How to Make Your Camping Experience More Comfortable

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Camping is a peaceful, relatively low cost way of enjoying the great outdoors. This summer, you might have one or two camping trips planned, and that means you're going to be spending some quality time with mother nature. All of the time outside could be taxing on your body if you're not well prepared. Here's how to bring the comfort of your home with you outdoors while you camp. 

Don't let bugs ruin your camping trip.Don't let bugs ruin your camping trip.

Fend Off Insects
A camping trip can quickly go downhill when you're constantly swatting at bugs and scratching bothersome mosquito bites. Stop them dead in their tracks by arming yourself with the appropriate products and equipment. Be sure to pack bug spray with 20 percent or more DEET, the substance that repels insects. You might also want to wear lightweight long sleeved shirts and pants that will protect your body from bugs. 

Keep Warm
Don't let the daytime temperature fool you - once the sun sets and you make your way to bed, the air can get chilly. Warm up by starting a fire, but only do so after you've familiarized yourself with fire safety best practices. Not only will the fire help you warm up, but it will also keep mosquitos at bay. To get extra cozy, place a portable heated seat pad beneath you for some added warmth when you need it most.

"Pack as many pillows and blankets as you can."

Add Some Cushion
There's nothing worse than heading to bed after a long day outdoors and having to cozy up on the cold, hard ground all night. Just because you're outside doesn't mean you have to rough it. Pack as many pillows and plush blankets as you can fit in the car. When it comes to comfortable camping, there's no such thing as over packing these items. You can double up on blankets beneath you for cushion and use the extras to create a cozy nest in your tent. One night outdoors, and you'll be glad you brought them with you.

Practice Good Hygiene
When you're spending all day outside without all of the common household amenities, things are bound to get a little dirty. This is no excuse to stop practicing proper hygiene. You should still be brushing your teeth twice a day and washing your hands frequently. Pack extra bottled water for these activities, and keep hand sanitizer with you for a quick cleaning.