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Pain Points: How Heat Can Help You Feel Better

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Living with chronic pain can be difficult if you don't know how to alleviate the symptoms. Whether you've got a sports-related injury, a health condition or monthly cramps, applying heat to the area is one of the best ways to provide consistent and soothing relief.

If you're experiencing pain at one of these common points, try using a heating pad to calm those aches. 

Many factors can contribute to aches in your hands. From arthritis and carpal tunnel to jams and wrist sprains, hand injuries can limit how you carry out many of your daily tasks. Applying heat can increase mobility by loosening joints. 

Your shoulders bear the brunt of your stress. Carrying a large backpack, straining during a workout or sleeping in an awkward position can cause your neck and shoulders serious pain, so apply heat to improve the blood flow in these areas. This can both improve muscle health and prevent pain from ruining your day.

Similar to your neck and shoulders, your back can injure easily, whether you're experiencing strain after a workout or tightness from a bad mattress. Applying heat can decrease the amount of pain you feel after a back injury, but try alternating ice and heat for optimal results.

Runners know that knee injuries can be quite debilitating. Stiffness and sharp pains can make walking or moving much more difficult, but using heat - like with a heated knee wrap - can help speed along your recovery.

If you've ever sprained your ankle, you recognize how inconvenient the injury can be. Not only are your movements severely limited, but the pain can be enough to keep you in bed for days. Calm your aches by applying ice and heat, which can tighten and loosen the area and contribute to better blood flow.