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5 Foods to Eat During the Day for Better Sleep at Night

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If one of your New Year's resolutions is to start eating better, you're in luck - turns out, many of the foods that are best for your overall health are ideal for improving how much sleep you get each night. Try incorporating more of these foods in your diet this year if you're looking to regulate your sleep schedule.

1. Peanut Butter

According to the National Sleep Foundation, peanut butter is ideal for conjuring those zzz's at night. Since the food is jam-packed with protein, which is made from tryptophan - an amino acid that causes drowsiness - it's a perfect daytime snack to get those essential nutrients in your body.

2. Milk

You've seen countless movie characters drink warm milk at night to fall asleep, but does it really work? Good news - it does. Milk is also an excellent source of tryptophan, as are most other dairy products. So you don't necessarily need to load up on warm milk, but try to incorporate some yogurt or cheese in your diet.

3. Fruits

Fruits and vegetables are vital to a healthy diet, but fruits - specifically cherries and bananas - can contribute to better sleep at night. Snack on your favorite fruits gradually throughout the day, and by the time you lie down for bed, you'll be dozing off in no time.

Try combining a few of these ingredients by whipping up a mid-morning smoothie, which is a great way to get your daily nutrients while loading your body with foods that get those zzz's flowing at night. If you're enjoying your morning smoothie in bed, be sure to protect your mattress with a waterproof mattress pad. Added bonus? The heat from your bedding will also help lull you to bed.

4. Nuts

Much like fruits, nuts are an ideal snacking option. Almonds in particular pack quite a nutritious punch, so try packing yourself some trail mix or bringing a small bag of lightly salted almonds to work. Nuts are also an ideal post-workout snack, as they provide your body with the energy it needs to recover from your exercise. 

5. Oatmeal

Rich in carbohydrates, oatmeal is the ideal double-sided food available. The energy boost you'll get in the morning will keep you awake during the day, while the lasting effects will allow you to sleep better come nighttime. 

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