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5 Essentials to Stay Comfortable in Your Office

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A cozy office is a productive office. Researchers have found that employees who believe their workspaces are comfortable are more productive than those who do not find their offices to be cozy. If your company isn't looking to renovate anytime soon, but you still want to upgrade your working area, try picking up one of these office essentials, all of which can make the day go by much smoother.

1. Get a Plant
Even the smallest plant can have a large impact on your productivity at the office. Not only can these little green additions make the space instantly more comfortable, but they can also reduce the overall amount of stress you feel on a daily basis. Research published in the journal Preventive Medicine found that indoor plants have stress-reducing properties ideal for those who spend the working day in an office. Consider a colorful cactus that doesn't require too much water, or a smaller plant that can fit in a tiny pot. 

Plants have stress-reducing properties ideal for any office setting.

2. Invest in an Inventive Mug
Do you find yourself buying coffee every morning from the shop around the corner? It's time to take advantage of the office coffee maker by purchasing your own coffee mug that holds a staple place on your desk. Opt for a creative mug to really up the comfort factor of your space. 

3. Upgrade Your Chair
Ergonomic chairs have been linked to increased productivity across a wide range of studies. The American Society of Interior Designers highlighted a few, noting that one study found employee productivity increased by 20.6 percent when these chairs were introduced in the office. Instead of purchasing a brand new seat, opt for a product that can turn your preexisting chair into a verifiable office oasis. Try the Sunbeam® Renue™ Back & Body Pad for optimal comfort. 

Added chair support can improve productivity and comfort.

4. Buy a Lamp
Lighting is another factor that can have significant results on your productivity and comfort levels. While natural light is ideal, researchers have linked indoor lights to greater comfort as well. Try adding a small lamp to your desk, whether you nix the fluorescent lights altogether or use it as a supplement.

5. Organize the Clutter
Is your workspace marked by tangled cords, old notepads and dusty decorations? Reduce the clutter by making an effort to clean your desk every two weeks - by making your desk more visually appealing, you'll find that you're more motivated to work at the beginning of each day.