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10 Tips to Sleep Soundly Throughout the Night

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Are you having trouble staying asleep through the night? Whether you battle insomnia on a regular basis or you're just trying to establish a healthier sleep routine, there are many tips to keep in mind that can strengthen your sleep cycle and stop interruptions from hampering your physical health.

1. Wear Socks
Did you know that warm feet have been likened to a better night's rest? Research published in the journal Nature explained that warmer feet have more consistent blood flow, which has been linked to greater sleep. So get out those fuzzy socks next time you lay down for the night.

Slip on a pair of fuzzy socks next time you get in bed.

2. Write Before Bed
Many people have their best ideas before bedtime, while others are plagued by thoughts that keep them tossing all night. Keep these both at bay by writing for a few minutes before you go to bed each night - this practice will help you clear your mind before you drift off to dreamland.

3. Avoid Alcohol
Drinking before bed is one of the quickest ways to ruin what would otherwise be a restful sleep cycle, as alcoholic beverages contain chemicals that impede your brain from drifting into a deep sleep.

4. Invest in Heated Blankets
Your room should be a bit on the cooler side when you go to bed at night, but stay warm with the help of a heated blanket made from plush material that will keep you cozy during the evening.

5. Paint Your Room Blue
Researchers from Travelodge UK found that people who slept in blue rooms got more sleep than those whose rooms were any other color, so next time you redecorate, stock up on this shade.

Painting your walls blue can help increase the number of hours you sleep at night.

6. Get Rid of the Glow
Smartphone screens, laptops and flashing clocks can keep your brain active long after you've laid down for bed, so eliminate this concern by getting rid of the glow for at least 30 minutes before bedtime.

7. Engage Your Ears
Audio books and musical tones can lull you to bed at night, so break out your headphones and listen to your favorite soothing tunes while laying in bed.

8. Load up on Lavender
Aromatherapy - specifically the scent of lavender - has been linked to deeper sleep for both men and women.

Lavender can help you fall asleep at night.

9. Listen to White Noise
You don't necessarily need music or books to listen to at night - white noise has also proven effective when clearing the mind before bed.

10. Meditate
Yoga, deep thought and prayer can also be powerful before bedtime, as they allow your mind the time it needs to relax before sleep.