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How to Fight Pain While You Sleep

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It's hard to sleep when living with chronic pain. Whether you've got a health condition like arthritis or you're trying to lull yourself to sleep after breaking your leg, you're familiar with the struggle of trying to sleep with pain. These physical conditions often hamper restful sleep cycles at night, as the pain prevents a person from fully falling asleep. Researchers have found that pain is the leading factor that causes insomnia.

But thankfully, there are ways to fight these physical pains at night to prevent them from impeding your sleep cycle. Try following one of these steps to fight those aches and pains while you sleep at night. 

Don't let pain keep you up throughout the night.Don't let pain keep you up throughout the night.

1. Apply Consistent Heat
Temperature can have a significant impact on pain. Applying heat while you sleep allows your muscles to relax throughout the night. The warmer temperatures allow blood vessels to expand, ensuring blood flows more smoothly through the body and thus relieving some of that pain. Spring for a heated therapeutic mattress pad that will not only provide consistent heat, but also massage targeted areas for optimal comfort.

2. Opt for a Massaging Product
Products that have massagers built in can provide that same customized relief even after you've drifted off to sleep. These massagers can keep your muscles moving while you're still, preventing stiffness or tightness from waking you from your sleep.

"Evaluate the quality of your mattress twice a year."

3. Assess Your Mattress
How old is your mattress? Tired or worn-down mattresses can make pain much worse, causing stiffness and aches when you wake. Adding a mattress pad can elongate the life of your bed, especially if it's cushioned, but the Better Sleep Council recommends evaluating the mattress itself twice a year. 

4. Adjust Your Sleep Position
You already know what your sleep position says about you, but which one is best for combating pain? If you're living with back pain, sleeping on your back is probably your best bet, as this position does wonders for keeping the area settled while you sleep.

Bonus Tip: Don't Psyche Yourself Out! 
Your emotional health is strongly linked to your physical health, so if you go to bed anticipating sharp pains, you'll likely feel them during the night. Go to bed in a relaxed state of mind, telling yourself that your pain will not impact you tonight.