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7 Essentials for a Winter College Care Package

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The holiday high may be over, but that doesn't mean your college student wouldn't still love to receive a loving gift package from home. During the colder months, these gifts can contain articles that will help your loved one get through the remainder of the semester. 

Trying to find a place to start? Consider including a few of these college essentials in your winter care package.

1. Nonperishable Food
There are only so many cafeteria meals your college student will eat before he or she grows tired of the place. Include some easy meals, like instant macaroni and cheese, or some packaged nonperishables, like candy bars or boxes of crackers. 

2. Heated Throw
The dorm room is already cold enough, but with the temperatures steadily remaining in the lower digits, your college student is likely looking for ways to warm up. Include a heated throw he or she can plug in and snuggle up with.

Your college student will enjoy using a music gift card.Your college student will enjoy using a music gift card.

3. Music Gift Card
There are a few things that will fuel your college student through those all-nighters: coffee, friends and music. While you may not be able to pinpoint his or her favorite songs or artists, you can provide a gift card to an online music provider. Whether your loved one prefers iTunes or Google Play, he or she will be sure to find great use from this card.

4. Cold and Flu Medicine
It's that time of year again. People have a higher risk of getting stomach bugs, flus and colds, especially if they're living within close quarters of a lot of other people. Even if your college student hasn't come down with anything yet, it may be a good idea to include some herbal tea, cold and flu medicine, or heating pads that can help your student out should he or she come down with an illness.

5. Lip Products
Similarly, this is the season for dry and cracked lips. Include some lip balm for your college student to keep handy while walking to class. 

Board games are a great way to keep your college student entertained.Board games are a great way to keep your college student entertained.

6. Board Games
During the cold months, college students may be limited by the social activities in which they can participate. Outdoor games are a no-go, while any far-away location may be inaccessible due to ice or snow. Include a few card or board games your student can show off to his or her friends to ensure the weather doesn't impact the fun.

7. Lotion
Dry skin isn't limited to your lips. Hands, feet and elbows frequently crack in the cold, and it's unlikely your college student has remembered to pick up a bottle of lotion.