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6 Things You'll Need for Your Oscars Party

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Hollywood's hottest night is almost here. The world's most talented and beautiful stars will light up Tinsel Town this Sunday, eager to honor one another for the hard work they've accomplished in cinema throughout the past year.

You may not be venturing to Hollywood this weekend, but that doesn't mean you can't participate in the festivities as well. If you're hosting an Academy Awards party, there are a few essentials you need to ensure your night goes off without a hitch. Invite your friends, tell them to wear their Sunday best and get ready to host your own celebration.

1. A Red Carpet
Your guests will want to be greeted like the superstars they really are, so don't skimp on this party piece. Don't feel compelled to go to the hardware store and purchase new carpet or rugs - a long strip of red fabric will do nicely. 

"Create your own red carpet with some fabric and a can-do attitude."

2. Elegant Treats
It's the Academy Awards, which means you need to serve snacks on the classier side. Opt for some tartlets, individually wrapped shrimp or lightly seasoned sliders. Your attendees will be dressed elegantly, so you won't want messy foods that will drip or stain their outfits. 

3. Homemade Ballots
In addition to watching this year's Oscars, have your friends fill out their own ballots, guessing who will take home the golden statue for each award. Offer a small prize at the end of the night to whoever had the highest number of correct answers. This present could be something small, like a film from the Oscar race or a gift card to a music store.

4. Gold-Trimmed Decorations
It's not an Oscars party without a few festive decorations. You have many options when it comes to lining your walls, ceilings and tables with appropriate Academy Awards trimmings. Consider investing in gold and silver hanging ornaments, or fancy centerpieces to set in the middle of your food tables.

Get out your fanciest decorations for your Oscar celebration.Get out your fanciest decorations for your Oscars celebration.

5. Festive Blankets
Now that you've planned for your living room to be dressed for the event, it's time to think about how you'll watch the awards show with your friends. If you're all dressed in formal attire, you may get chilly while sitting on the couch. Be sure to have a stack of your best blankets handy, as you'll want your guests to stay warm in style. Opt for heated blankets in brown and gold tones for optimal comfort. 

6. Goody Bags
Not everyone wins at the Academy Awards, but that doesn't mean your friends have to go home empty handed too. Send everyone off with a small bag filled with tokens of gratitude, which could include cookies, gold coins and chocolates.