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5 Tips for Successfully Sharing the Bed with Your S.O.

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You and your partner may be compatible in most areas of your lives, but when it comes to your nighttime routine, your tastes may not line up perfectly. According to a study conducted by the Better Sleep Council, 1 in 4 Americans prefer to sleep by themselves as opposed to with a partner.

If you're looking for ways to sleep more soundly with your significant other, keep the following tips in mind for a more restful evening.

"One in four Americans prefer to sleep by themselves as opposed to with a partner."

1. Be Mindful of His or Her Habits
Are you sleeping next to a snorer? How about a sleepwalker? Before you can get the best sleep at night, you'll need to identify and understand your partner's sleep habits. Look for ways you can treat this behavior, such as adapting your bedding or the room in which you sleep, to ensure that both you and your partner get the best sleep possible.

2. Sleep with Individual Settings
You and your significant other may have varying preferences when it comes to the texture or firmness of your bedding. Purchasing a mattress with adjustable settings may be one of the best ways to quell these concerns, as both parties can adjust the bedding to his or her needs. Alternatively, invest in a heated mattress pad with dual settings - these offer the same benefits, allowing two people to sleep on the same surface with adjusted settings to meet individual desires.

3. Declutter the Sleeping Space
Are you sharing the bed with your partner, or are you sharing the bed with your partner, your dog, your cat, your child and about 10 pillows? The amount of clutter on your bed can impact how well you sleep, especially if you're someone who needs space at night. Try evaluating all the things on your bed and discovering which can be removed. 

Allowing your pooch to share your space may lead to poor sleep.Allowing your pooch to share your space may lead to poor sleep.

4. Address Your Mattress Size
Alternatively, if you're sharing space with your partner and a few other essentials, it may be best to re-evaluate your mattress size. That full-sized bed may have been fine when you were both young and sharing a smaller living space, but if you've noticed that both your house and your sleeping needs have expanded, it may be worth it to invest in a larger mattress.

5. Adjust Temperature Preferences
Temperature is likely among the various things you and your partner disagree on. If one of you prefers sleeping in the cold while the other leans toward the heat, purchase a heated blanket to keep the cool one warm during the night. Look for one with dual settings - that way, it will only heat on one side.