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4 Solutions for Sleeping Alongside a Blanket Hog

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Your partner's bedtime habits can have a profound impact on how well you sleep at night. Snoring, tossing and talking are all actions that can keep you awake, but among the worst nighttime habits is sheet stealing. How can you expect to drift off into dreamland if your partner keeps hogging the covers?

Thankfully, there are a handful of solutions to try to quell this concern. If you're sharing a bed with a sheet thief, try one of these methods to keep him or her from leaving you in the cold.  

1. Buy a Bigger Blanket
It may seem too simple to succeed, but many couples have seen profound differences when switching to larger blankets. If you sleep in a full- or queen-sized bed, opt for a king-sized blanket. This extra material ensures that your sheet stealer has plenty of covers to hog while you're left with an acceptable amount to fall asleep with. 

"According to a survey conducted by The Better Sleep Council, 63 percent of American couples sleep separately."

Concerned about getting too cold? Get a king-sized heated blanket and you'll stay warm no matter how much coverage you have.

2. Invest in Separate Bedding
Part of the appeal of sharing a bed with a partner is having someone to snuggle up to at night. But it turns out, not many Americans consider themselves to be cuddly sleepers. In fact, according to a survey conducted by The Better Sleep Council, 63 percent of couples sleep separately, in their own spaces. If you fall in line with the majority - or you're seeking a simple way to prevent sheet snatching - sleep with two different blankets. Many couples have attested to the effectiveness of this method.

3. Talk It Out
When in doubt, talk it out. Communication is the cornerstone of any relationship, so it should be no different when it comes to your sleep habits. If your partner frequently steals the sheets, he or she may not even be aware. Voicing your concerns may allow your significant other the opportunity to make an active change in his or her thieving ways. 

Talk to your partner if you're concerned about sheet stealing.Talk to your partner if you're concerned about sheet stealing.

4. Sleep in Shifts
If you're seeking a less conventional way to combat sheet stealing, try sleeping in shifts. You and your partner don't necessarily need to sleep at different times, but if one of you falls asleep first, this may prevent blanket hogging from occurring in the first place. Allow your partner to shroud him or herself in the sweet embrace of your sheets, then when he or she has dozed off, lie down and reclaim your comforter.