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Kitchen essentials for your holiday cooking

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For all those who enjoy spreading holiday cheer through cooking and baking, there are a few kitchen essentials you'll need to have ready to go this month. Stock up on all the necessary ingredients and gift wrapping ahead of time so you'll be guaranteed to have dozens of cookies baked and packaged in beautiful red tissue paper for everyone on your list. There are a few helpful appliances to add to your kitchen as well.

Festive Spices
The holidays are always remembered by all of the traditional scents - pine, peppermint and gingerbread - and when it comes to holiday baking, it's no different. Before the rush of the season gets fully underway, make sure that your kitchen is stocked with the best spices for cooking, baking and creating those irresistible aromas. Cinnamon, nutmeg and cocoa powder are essential for crafting the very best desserts. A dash of nutmeg and cinnamon can be added to nearly any dish that comes out of your kitchen this season.

A Mixer 
Perhaps one of the most essential items to have on hand this year is a proper stand mixer. The Sunbeam® Heritage Series® Stand Mixer with a variety of speeds and 3-way mixing action will be one of your most useful and versatile kitchen tools this holiday season. This appliance is perfect for mixing all of your cookie, cake and pie batters. When it comes to preparing meals, take some of the pressure off your arms and use the mixer for mashing potatoes, kneading pizza dough and shredding cooked chicken.

There are a number of festive ways to package your holiday baked goods.There are a number of festive ways to package your holiday baked goods.

Gift Packaging
One of the best parts of giving baked goods as gifts is the beautiful wrapping that they can be presented in. Depending on what you've baked, there are a number of festive options for packaging your gift. Tie a ribbon around the top of a mason jar and fill it with homemade Christmas candy. If you've taken the traditional route of Christmas cookies this year, purchase a selection of festive tins and boxes, which are best for layering those chocolate and gingerbread delights. Long, rectangular boxes with a clear window are ideal for displaying decorative cakes and cupcakes. If you want to get creative, use frosting to write your holiday message on your baked goods. With a supply of bows, wrapping paper and gift tags on hand, your kitchen will become the ultimate gift-making shop.