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How to Celebrate the Tree Lighting

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Neighborhood tree lightings are a great way to celebrate the holiday season with other members of your community. One of the best parts about community events during this time of year is that they give everyone a chance to get together, take a breather from the holiday rush and spend time catching up with friends and neighbors.

Christmas Caroling
Although your local tree lighting may not be as grandiose as the extravagant one that takes place each year at Rockefeller Center, it can still be a wonderful celebration. While there won't be any award winning musicians singing their versions of the holiday classics as the Rockettes dance merrily in the background, you and your neighbors can create an even better source of festive song. Create a small booklet with the lyrics to all the seasonal songs, pass them around to each person and join in a chorus of happy carolers.

Christmas caroling is a wonderful way to spread holiday cheer.Christmas caroling is a wonderful way to spread holiday cheer.

Festive Treats and Goodies
No holiday celebration is complete without tasty treats and goodies. Turn the event into a neighborhood pot-luck, dessert style. From gingerbread cookies and almond biscotti to peppermint candies and sugary gumdrops, there's no shortage of possible treats to bring. Set up a long table for the desserts and be sure to have small paper plates and napkins on hand. Don't forget to assign someone to hot chocolate duty!

Bring Your Camera
Between the little neighborhood kids dressed as elves and the arrival of the big guy in the red suit, you'll certainly want to capture the event on camera. Later on you'll be grateful for all of the photos of friends and community members celebrating together as the lights on the tree come to life and light up the town.

Keeping Warm
If you're lucky you'll be treated to a light dusting of snow during your local tree lighting, creating the perfect winter wonderland scene. However, it's likely to be cold and you may be outside for several hours so it's important to dress warm for the event. Put on your boots, mittens, hat and winter coat. You can even get in the spirit by throwing on a Santa hat!

No matter how well you dress during the tree lighting, you'll most likely still be cold afterwards. Turn on your tea kettle and get your fireplace going as soon as you get back inside the warmth of your home. Hot tea or coffee will help you warm up quickly, as will your heated blanket or throw.