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Forget the Cookies: Best Gifts to Leave for Santa

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There are only so many cookies that Santa Claus can eat in one night. Year after year, flying around from house to house, there's no doubt that he gets a stomach ache from indulging in the abundance of chocolate chip, peanut butter and sugar cookies left out for him. Change up tradition and surprise the guy in the big red suit this year with a different kind of treat.

New Boots
All shoes, especially boots, can take a real beating in the winter. Between the mix of slush, ice and snow, a large amount of salt and sand covers shoes in the winter making them look old and dirty. Santa's boots are no different and he could use a new pair of shiny black boots. Look for the best deals to find a sturdy pair and be sure to give them a quick shine before wrapping them up.

Travel Accessories
For someone always on-the-go, travel accessories are essential. Put together a basket of travel accessories that would make anyone's life easier. A travel mug is perfect for the endless amounts of hot chocolate that Santa is sure to drink on the long journey from the North Pole. Another great gift for those cold nights is a heated seat warmer.

Treat Santa to a different kind of gift this year.Treat Santa to a different kind of gift this year.

Heating Pad
Santa certainly isn't getting any younger and after all of the heavy lifting and moving he does each year, he's certainly going to be sore on Christmas Day. An entire night of driving a sleigh can't be too great for his back either. This year, treat him to a gift that will help him recover, a heating pad. Not only are the hot and cold settings great for bringing comfort to a sore back, the heating pad can be used on-the-go. With a Velcro strap it's easy for to use anywhere, even during his sleigh ride next year.

A Healthy Snack
While he may be sick of cookies, Mr. Claus is still going to get hungry while working so hard on Christmas Eve. Whip him up a tasty snack that will be nutritious and filling, giving him the energy he needs to make it through the remainder of the night. Try a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a fruit salad with yogurt or a plate of cheese and crackers. No matter what you leave out by the fireplace, be sure to leave a tall glass of milk next to the plate. And don't forget to leave out carrots for the reindeer!