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How to Stay Cool at an Outdoor Concert

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Summer is the season for outdoor concerts, and if you're a big music buff, you've likely been looking forward to the hot weather for a while now. However, anyone who's been to an outdoor concert before knows that things could go downhill quickly if you're not prepared. You'll be under the hot sun for hours, and if you didn't bring the proper equipment or wear the right clothing, you'll be ready to leave before the band even plays your favorite song. Here's how to stay cool and enjoy the show.

Wear Light Clothing
You might want to wear something that displays your great sense of fashion, but that's not always in line with what you should be wearing to stay comfortable. The lighter the clothing, the better. If you're concerned that it will get cool as night approaches, dress in layers so you can stay comfortable and fashionable as the temperature fluctuates. 

Bring water to stay hydrated throughout the day.Bring water to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Stay Hydrated
It's important to keep hydrated while you're outside in the sun for hours on end. Dehydration can easily occur, and you might not even see it coming. Thirst isn't always an indicator of dehydration, so if you notice that you're feeling faint or dizzy or have an increased heart rate, you should find water immediately. Bring several bottles with you in your bag or carry in a cooler and throw in some ice packs to keep it nice and cold so you can take refreshing sips throughout the day.

"Shady spots might be hard to find."

Find Shade
Depending on the venue and how many people are there, shady spots might be hard to find. Get there early and set up a little home base that you can return to for a break when you need it most. Tuck a blanket in your bag so you can sit comfortably in the shade while still enjoying the show.

Pack Appropriately
There are many products that can keep you cool while you're outside all day. Bring some cloths that you can soak in water and place on your pulse points for an instant cool down. Additionally, look into a personal fan that's battery operated. Don't let the size fool you - even if it's small enough to toss in your bag, it can still provide you with a breeze you need to feel cooler and more comfortable than before. You'll be glad you have it!