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Essentials for Family Fun Month

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August is Family Fun Month, and there are countless ways to celebrate before the kids go back to school. You can spend a weekend camping, take a hike at a nearby mountain or walking path or even just gaze up at the stars one night when they're shining especially bright. The best part about family fun is that you can all bond and enjoy one another's presence without spending a lot of money on an expensive vacation.

However, you'll still need some accessories to make your time together that much more fun and enjoyable. Here's what you need to have a great remainder of the month.

Camping Supplies
If you decide to spend a day or two surrounded by nature, you'll need some help adapting to the elements. You'll need to make sure you have a tent, blankets, pillows, a grill, and, of course, classic camping snacks. Load up on marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate bars to make a quick, simple dessert over the fire while you tell scary stories and truly enjoy your time together. 

Make sure everyone applies sunscreen throughout the day.Make sure everyone applies sunscreen throughout the day.

Sun Protection
There's bound to be a lot of time in the sun when you're enjoying Family Fun Month. Stock up on the right products to keep your family safe from the sun's damaging rays. Stick to water-proof sunscreen with 30 SPF so it doesn't wash off if you take a dip in the pool or lake. Also, be sure to apply it properly. You need to re-apply throughout the day for optimal protection!

First Aid Kit
When you're spending days and nights outdoors and bringing the family together for recreational activities, there's the potential for some bumps and bruises. Keep a first aid kit handy and pack it with bandages, anti-bacterial ointment and pain relief medications. You'll also likely have a cooler with you if you're spending the day at the beach or a park, so pack it with a few ice packs just in case they're necessary. 

BBQ Essentials
It's not truly summer fun without a good BBQ. But what makes for the ultimate grill-off? For starters, a jam-packed guest list of all of your closest family and friends. You'll also need tasty snacks, fresh fruit and vegetables and meats that are perfect for grilling. Pick up hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, steak and anything else you want to throw on the grill to keep guests satisfied. 

Water and Balloons
Do you see where this is going? Water balloons are great fun when you're outdoors and battling the heat. Start a friendly competition and see how many times you can toss a balloon around before someone drops it. It's a great way to stay cool and get everyone excited to play outdoors.

Pick up some games that are great for the outdoors.Pick up some games that are great for the outdoors.

Outdoor Games
If your garage isn't already stocked with games you can play outdoors, pick up some tennis balls, soccer balls, bats, gloves and badminton supplies. If you'd rather do something more leisurely, pick up bubbles or set up a sprinkler that the kids can run through as they like.   

Scrapbooking Supplies
With all of the fun activities you have planned, you'll definitely want to document every step of the way. Never forget the fun day you spent at the beach making forts and playing volleyball, or the huge BBQ you threw for family and friends. Snap pictures throughout the day and print your favorite ones. Then pick up a scrapbook, fun stickers and markers, and get the family involved in decorating the pages. Include a date in the title so you can pick it up years from now and reflect on how much times have changed!