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Good Posture at Work Makes You More Productive

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Small changes in body language can have a big impact on how you feel as well as how you're perceived. Start smiling at strangers and you might feel more positive. You might even find that more people approach and befriend you. Similarly, the way you sit can affect your productivity. With good posture, you're able to feel more comfortable and confident, making it easier to concentrate and do your work. Here's how it helps.

Proper posture can help prevent back and neck pain.Proper posture can help prevent back and neck pain.

1. Reduce Pain
It doesn't take scientific research to show you that slouching over a desk all day can lead to a stiff neck and back pain. When you sit up straight and periodically stretch tight muscles, you can help reduce your risk of that tight feeling you sometimes get from poor posture. And when your muscles are relaxed and comfortable, you can more easily focus on your work and get important assignments done. After all, nothing is more distracting than irritating back and neck discomfort.

2. Feel More Confident
There are many benefits to "standing tall" - both figuratively and literally speaking. Without even knowing it, your good posture can make you feel more powerful and assertive. It's animal instinct to stand tall when you're feeling confident and crouch down when you're insecure or unsure. So, roll your shoulders back, lift your chin and get a quick boost of self-assurance. Even if you're not feeling so great, sometimes the best way to feel confident is to fake it until you make it! Plus, you'll be perceived by others as a leader, and that's the first step to really owning a project and getting to work. 

When you're comfortable, it's much easier to focus on work.When you're comfortable, it's much easier to focus on work.

3. Get Comfortable
When you first start to be more conscious of your posture, it may seem like a lot of work. However, once it becomes second nature to sit up straight, you'll notice that it's actually much more comfortable than continuously slouching all day. When you're more comfortable, you're able to devote more of your concentration to your work, and your productivity improves as a result. Place the Sunbeam® Renue™ Back & Body Pad over your chair to enhance your comfort and relieve tension while you improve your posture. The body pad produces soothing heat that can instantly relax muscles and provide lumbar support while you work.