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5 Tips for Spring Redecorating

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Spring is a time of rebirth. Flowers are in bloom, days are getting longer and brighter and the weather is warming up. Why not take this opportunity to breathe some life into your home as well? Now is the perfect time to redecorate and liven up your space. Give your home a sense of reinvention after a drab winter. Here are some quick fixes for changing up your decor without turning it into a major project.

1. Use Pictures
You don't have to scour stores for expensive paintings. All you need are some of your favorite photos and an eclectic array of frames to achieve the "gallery wall" look that's becoming increasingly popular.

The key to a perfectly arranged gallery wall is to experiment with different placements until you find the best one. However, it doesn't take a professional designer to know that hammering nails into walls and pulling them out with every failed arrangement is both damaging to the wall and a huge waste of energy. Instead, trace the outline of each frame onto a large sheet of paper, and cut them out accordingly. Then, tape them to the wall in different arrangements until you find a winning combination. 

Change the colors in your room for a total transformation.Change the colors in your room for a total transformation.

2. Switch Up Your Color Scheme
One way to completely change the look of a room is to switch up the colors. However, repainting the walls is expensive and time-consuming. Fortunately, there are many other ways to get a fresh new palette with minimal effort. To do this, focus on accent pieces. Look at your pillows, rugs and furniture, and swap out neutral shades for bold colors and patterns. 

If you're having difficulty choosing a color scheme, it may help to envision the atmosphere you're trying to create. Want a comfortable and cozy look? Go with warm colors, like browns, oranges and golds. Are you looking for something more inspiring? Try gem tones, like deep purples and blues, instead. The colors you choose for a room can transform it into a completely different space.

3. Create a Focal Point
Whether you're redecorating your bedroom, living room or kitchen, there's got to be some kind of focal point. It could be the bed, TV or table - whatever it is, be sure to design around it. Keep other decorations and furniture subtle so they don't compete with the main area of focus.

You should also arrange your furniture in a way that encourages guests to enjoy the predominant piece. If you're redesigning your living room and you want the fireplace to be the focal point, position your couch, chairs and coffee table in a semicircle around it. You may even choose to position the TV above it so guests are seated facing the same direction as both.

Choose an area rug that pops.Choose an area rug that pops.

4. Choose the Right Rug
Even if your home is fully carpeted, a rug can be a great way to reinforce the carpeting and add some flair to a room. Choose a color and pattern that pops, and place appropriately, according to its size and the room's focal point. If the rug is too small to fit all of the furniture comfortably on top of it, place it either in the center of the furniture or off to the side for an interesting effect.

5. Make it Cozy
However you choose to decorate, make sure that the room feels like it's been lived in. Your home is supposed to be comforting and soothing - not necessarily an artistic display. Leave some magazines or books on the coffee table and place a decorative bucket or chest somewhere in the room to collect all loose materials that don't belong. On top of the couch or bed, drape a cozy blanket, like the Sunbeam® Full Velvet Plush Heated Blanket, that not only looks great, but also instantly warms you up and makes it truly feel like home.