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5 Tips for Avoiding Spring Cleaning Aches and Pains

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When spring showers keep you locked inside, you can either cuddle up on the couch or get productive. After all, they do call it spring cleaning for a reason. Use your extra time inside to finally tend to projects you've been putting off all winter. Clear out unnecessary items that are taking up space in your closets and pantries, and do a deep cleaning of every room to ring in the new season. Here's how to simplify the process so tidying up doesn't completely tire you out.

1. Start Big
Sure, starting small works well when it comes to certain projects, but not for clearing out your home. Getting rid of a few big items in your garage or basement can open up a large portion of space that can be used for other things - not to mention, selling your unwanted possessions can put some money back in your pocket. Spend some time looking through your storage areas for old equipment that doesn't get much use, and rummage through your wardrobe to part ways with coats or dresses that are just taking up room. 

Don't discard unused clothing - donate it!Don't discard unused clothing - donate it!

2. Donate to Charity
It can be difficult to part ways with items that you no longer use. Certain articles of clothing, old children's toys and other objects can hold sentimental value that make them hard to get rid of, even if they take up space and don't get much use. One way to overcome that hurdle is by spending a day gathering everything together to donate, rather than discard. It's much easier to clear out meaningful items when you know they're not going to waste. Oftentimes, someone in need could greatly benefit from the items that you no longer use.

3. Clean in Order
When you're giving your home a deep cleaning, there's a process to follow for optimal cleaning: tidy, wash, dust then vacuum. Of course, you can get away with doing each one out of order, but there's a reason for the process. For starters, it's tough to vacuum a floor that's not clear. Don't make it harder than it needs to be. Start by getting rid of what you no longer need, and put everything in its assigned spot. Then, wash anything that needs cleaning. When working on your bedroom, change the sheets on the bed, take down dusty curtains and wipe down lamp shades. Dust key areas, like your dresser and nightstand, window sills and any other spot where dust normally piles up. To finish everything off, vacuum the room - ideally starting in the right corner and working your way down. This will prevent any footprints from tainting your perfect cleaning.

Maintain good posture when cleaning.Maintain good posture when cleaning.

4. Practice Good Form
Spring cleaning can be a total pain - in both a figurative and literal sense. In all phases of the cleaning process, be sure to maintain good posture and practice proper lifting techniques if you're moving large items. A clean house is only valuable if you're able to enjoy it afterward, and you can't thoroughly appreciate it if you're in pain. When clearing out unused items, don't hunch over, and stand up straight when pushing around a vacuum. At the end of a long day, sit back and relax with the Sunbeam® Massaging Heating Pad. It delivers warm, comforting pulses of energy that can help you relax and feel great about your clean home.

5. Maintain the Clean
After all of your hard work, you'll want to make sure that your home doesn't immediately get messy again. Tidy up around your house every day so clutter doesn't pile back up, and instruct those in your household to do the same. Also, stick to a regular cleaning schedule for your kitchen and bathroom. Cleaning little by little will help reduce the number of times you need to perform a major cleaning project.